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Sustainability and design, two of my favourite things. Using them to raise awareness and make a positive impact on Mental Health? We’ve hit gold!

But how do they all intersect? And how can graphic design, in particular, contribute to the environment and mental health?

As a creative I do have to admit that I love the feeling of physically putting pencil to paper. But over the last 10 years I have navigated my design practices to a more digital approach for many reasons. The main reason is being sustainable. The amount of printing, ink and materials used can now be minimised thanks to the evolution of technology and design programs (hello AI).

There is so much I could talk about within these three topics, but today I’m going to focus on how they all relate and how they can be used to benefit each other.  Let’s have a look at these topic areas.

Graphic Design: how can it be sustainable?

The evolving digital world is a huge factor. As well as this, there are so many sustainable materials that allow us to continue to design with eco-consciousness in mind. Since starting at Banter Group I would go as far to say that almost 90% of the work I have produced has been digital and the near 10% of print collateral has been produced in the most sustainable way with both the client and the environment in mind.

I know it’s not just us creatives that appreciate things being designed well,  90% of things processed by the brain are visual. So the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is very relevant when trying to make sure your brand, a message or raise awareness to an important topic gets out there, is seen and remembered.

How can we use sustainable graphic design to support mental health?
I’ve recently embarked on a new adventure which promotes all three of these things. Launching So far so good co. was a project that came about during a number of conversations I had been having with a friend of mine on the importance of mental health support, especially in the earlier years (which is often something that gets overlooked).

Did you know that 50% of mental health problems take root by the age of 14?

So far so good co. is a sustainable clothing company that supports youth mental health. My mission was to use my love of design to create a brand that supports youth mental health all whilst keeping sustainability in mind. Our shirts are printed to order using eco-friendly ink, reducing waste and environmental impact and our hoodies are crafted from recycled plastic bottles.

Sometimes creating a brand for yourself, as a graphic designer can be either the worst or best thing. I’m probably my biggest critic (said every designer ever), especially when it comes to designing for myself. So sitting down and creating the So far so good co. brand was a process to say the least. My brief was to design a brand and product range that would be eye-catching, clean, present a clear message and on top of that, look nice - obviously. Easy right?

What happens when we combine graphic design and sustainability with a focus on mental health?

In combining graphic design, sustainability and mental health I have found not only a passion, but a purpose. As a designer the shift towards the digital world and the increasing accessibility of sustainable materials has not only shifted my work to a more environmentally friendly practice, but has also helped in championing the broader cause of environmental awareness and mental health.

Having the support of Banter Group and launching So far so good co. has allowed me to channel these passions into a meaningful project that supports youth mental health with a brand built on the principles of sustainability and impactful design.

In a world thats becoming increasingly more visual, the power of graphic design can be used to convey those all important messages and raise awareness. As we navigate the ever-changing digital world I want to continue to use the power of good design for the greater good.
Inspired by the power of sustainable design and what effect it would have on your business? At Banter Group we’re here to bring your ideas and visions to life. We’re built on starting those conversations that matter. Want to chat further? We’d love to!