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Acknowledgement of Country

Banter Group acknowledges the Gundungurra people as the Traditional Owners of the land on which our agency stands, and extend this 
respect to all First Nations peoples, including 
Elders past, present and emerging.

In a world drowning in logos, branding, taglines and advertisements, businesses are struggling to grab their audience's attention. The competition is overwhelming - and with more than 600 ad exposures a day, it's a challenge to stand out. Businesses need fresh, innovative and attention-grabbing ways to catch their customer's eye. Animation can be a powerful tool in achieving this. Modern technology is pushing boundaries and opening doors for designers and creatives; and companies need to take advantage of these advancements.

Animation is a growing trend in branding for good reason - here's why:

Brand Awareness

Video is one of the most viewed content formats online. It is easier for our brains to process visual information than words and our brains are even more efficient at retaining that information if there's movement and sound. An animated logo for a brand can stand out in a sea of more traditional logos due to this. Movement in a business’ branding grabs the audience's attention whilst effectively communicating a message. This message can evoke emotion in your audience whilst telling a story to elicit specific reactions, cementing that brand firmly in the mind of the audience.

Boosting SEO

Statistics show that websites containing video/animation increases the amount of time people spend on your webpage. Google’s search engine takes the time people stay on your website into consideration, so keeping viewers interested and engaged via animation can improve your search engine ranking, leading to good visibility.

"Video also helps other metrics that we know Google takes into consideration for ranking. Two of the most important metrics for SEO are the time users spend on your page or site and the number of backlinks referring back to your domain, and video almost always improves both of these figures. Studies show that people spend over twice as long on a page with video than without, and the higher the quality of your content, the more likely you are to get backlinks."

Easier, cheaper and more effective

Animation is an amazing tool that can be used to clearly and easily explain a concept. Animated explainer videos have become a massive trend in the design industry – and this comes down to ease and effectiveness. Animated explainer videos can bring concepts to life in a way that text or live videos can’t. Because our brains respond and retain information more efficiently to moving visuals, it can help keep attention and focus of the viewer. Imagine trying to explain a complex accounting app by images or words, the engagement and interest would be difficult to maintain. On the other hand, with an animated explainer showcasing the features and uses of the app with colourful effects and energetic movement, you’re able to prolong that interest by appealing to the brain.

The use of animation can also be a better choice for smaller budgets. There are many user-friendly apps and programs to create quick and easy animations, and more professional  programs for advanced animators. Unlike shooting live footage, there's no costly scheduling, expensive equipment and model/talent hires.

Authenticity & Emotional connection

Animation accurately representing your brand can be created in place of cheesey stock videos which lack authenticity and are often overused. First impressions are important for brand awareness. If an animation can evoke emotion related to the target audience, whether it's exciting or relaxing, there's a good chance they will remember the brand and the emotion associated with it.

Animation in branding is a powerful, innovative and effective tool to grab the audience's attention. It helps to increase brand awareness, boost SEO, improve storytelling and efficiency. In animation, the possibilities are endless.

Visit our awesome e-Card blog to see Banter animation in action. Want an animation of your own? We can help.