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iOS15 Update Changes Email Marketing Forever

By Valentina Borbone

Today’s marketing update is actually all about email marketing. There’s a significant change that’s about to happen in the channel of email, thanks to an Apple update with iOS 15. If you are a marketer using email marketing, and I hope you are, it’s the highest return on investment channel in digital and has been for 10 years, then this will affect you.


The change that we’re about to see is going to affect your performance statistics overnight. The iOS 15 update is essentially marking all email as opened before it’s actually been clicked on by the customer to open it. When users update their iOS 15 technology, they’re going to be given an option to turn off email tracking and that’s going to automatically show email is opened. 

If you’re looking at your open rates as a measure of success of your email marketing, you’re going to be disappointed because it’s no longer a measure of success. You’re going to see your open rates pretty much triple if not, quadruple overnight. When these stats happen, when this change happens, don’t think that done something amazing in your marketing for that to happen. It’s a technology change that’s affecting the way the reporting is going to behave. What that means for us as marketers and businesses who are talking to our customers on email, it really means you need to start focusing on the value of your content and making sure that there is a reason to click.

“it really means you need to start focusing on the value of your content and making sure that there is a reason to click.”

We have to provide a reason to click otherwise the email is simply going to be information-based and no one is going to take the next best action. 

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