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Newsletter April 2019

By Valentina Borbone

Striving For Excellence

Perfection. I just can’t swallow that word anymore because there’s simply no such thing. No matter how hard I think something as perfect (cue earrings), I can always find another way to improve it.

Striving for excellence, on the other hand, is so much more rewarding. We’re human. We make mistakes. We learn. We burn coffee and under-cook salmon. We miss things because we’re tired. We try our best to be what others need us to be. A shout out to everyone out there giving your all and striving for excellence. Including my Banter team. We’re all in this together.

Valentina xxx

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Google Algorithm

First Google Algorithm Update For 2019

When Google updates its algorithm, it’s definitely time to stop and read the press. You see, Google doesn’t announce such things, it’s the digital community who NOTICE such things.

So what happened? They adjusted the search results πŸ”Žwith a particular focus on sensitive topics. YMYL websites were affected: those in the health industry that provide information on “Your Money or Your Life”.

Good for: websites with sensitive YMYL keywords that are able to provide a higher level of trust. The focus is on websites with a strong brand profile and a broad topical focus.

Not so lucky: Niche websites dealing with YMYL have seen their rankings fall.

What you should do:

  • Continue to build brand trust and authority
  • Create and publish authoritative and valuable content on key subjects around a particular topic (rather than single or niche keywords)
  • Review user experience, to meet the expectations of the user

Social media

Social media influences

Sydney’s Instagrammable Studio

We wrote back in October 2018 about the Insta-designed apartment in New York, specifically for Influencers to use in social media. Well, Sydney now has one of its own, from Ducker and Ducker. Does that name sound familiar? It should, because Ducker Edmiston is, well, an Australian fashion powerhouse (and a personal fave).

The new space is located 10 minutes from Sydney πŸ›«in Alexandria. It’s perfect for photo shoots, launch events and pop up stores. The venue features drive-in access, car parking, stunning decor and equipment.

I’ll make it easy for you – book here:


Seo vs SEM

SEO vs SEM, what does it mean?

Digital marketing is full of 3 letter acronyms…two of the most important are SEO and SEM. But what the heck do they mean and what’s the difference?

On the blog, we uncover the true meanings of these meaty morsels and their individual importance in being found on the world’s largest search engine, Google. Both have a role to play, and both take time and understanding. We’ve also included a little handy image that explains what ‘on page’ and ‘off page’ SEO tactics are. Our blog unravels this mystery, starting with Link Building and Blogs and Articles.

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Boyce Chartered Accountants

Boyce Chartered Accountants

Boyce Chartered Accountants are a professional, regional accounting business with 5 offices across Australia, employing a team of 130 people. We’re privileged to have worked with Boyce for the last 9 months, who were also voted Australia’s largest regional accounting firm by the AFR.

We work as an extension of their marketing team to fully support all areas of the business. Our engagement means Boyce can access high-quality marketing talent that is scaled to meet the demands of their business and reducing their overhead internally. Our engagement includes;

  • social media mentoring for key offices
  • development of social media assets and sponsored ad management
  • marketing concept ideas and development
  • graphic design asset development including flyers and pull up banners
  • email campaign development and managed sends through Campaign Monitor
  • photoshoot management in regional areas

We’re thrilled to see the results of their social activity driving engagement within regional areas of Australia. The people-focused approach for recruitment in these areas is driving the brand message of a truly rewarding work-life alternative to the big city firms.

Whats happening


Whats happening

Recent chats and upcoming stuff

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Real Estate Adventures continue!
I do love my real estate adventures. Earlier this month I was presenting for 1st City Real Estate Group in Double Bay, on the importance of a digital personal brand and how social media can create that brand. Just check out their website and it oozes innovation in design for this category. Last week, I went back to back at HQ Melbourne delivering a 1/2 day “Exploring Digital” induction session for new non-digital employees 😲 followed by a 1-hour showcase to their select customers of the coolest stuff you can do in digital to make a difference tomorrow 😡.

Something cool

Palm springs

Booking a hotel? Now THIS is cool.

Hotel websites. Love ’em or hate ’em, the idea is to make you want to book them. So if a hotel is just a hotel, how can making what they offer something unique?

The Parker Palm Springs is something of pure design and functionality genius. From the first click of the home page, you can’t help but be mesmerised by the movement in the water. But wait. There’s a person swimming. The detail of the clock as you explore your day throughout the destination (and IT IS a destination), the opportunity to explore every single aspect of this venue is intriguing; and the swinging robe belt? Spectacular detail in a category that’s well established. πŸ‘πŸ‘ Just perfectly awesome.

I can see this design roll out for a multi-million dollar property sale. Immersive, liveable, FOMO.

Until next time 😊


Valentina Borbone

Valentina Borbone

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