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Acknowledgement of Country

Banter Group acknowledges the Gundungurra people as the Traditional Owners of the land on which our agency stands, and extend this 
respect to all First Nations peoples, including 
Elders past, present and emerging.

I’ve been faced with a few challenges this month, mostly around disability and equal chances for my daughter’s 🎓 education as we plan for High School next year. Disability comes in so many forms, but the focus has to be on ability, and how we can support the amazing capabilities that people have, not what a deficit might be.

The old school model of Monday – Friday, 9️⃣ – 5️⃣, in the office, travel required, no longer works! We do things differently at Banter, and WE FOCUS ON ABILITY, and we are THRILLED to have partnered with Nova Employment who have found us capable, hard-working and valuable employees for Banter Group.

Have you heard me on the radio? I’m sharing the news that NOVA 🤘 rocks and so do the amazing people that need a little help finding THEIR environment, that works for them. I ask you to consider NOVA for your next hire, you won’t regret it.


Valentina xxx

Domestic Violence has to 🛑 – will you help?

This year I joined a new NFP as a volunteer Board Member. Pop In is a safe drop-in service in the Southern Highlands providing access to services for women and children living in fear of domestic violence, control, and abuse.

Most people think DV is violence, but it’s more than that – coercive control, financial, verbal, psychological and emotional, spiritual or cultural, and sexual. This is happening around me, to people I know well. People you likely know well too. It feels shameful to admit, and the services that exist are overwhelmed. The community has seen this need and funded it through community donations, there is no government funding.

I am asking you, as a business, as an individual, to consider making a tax-deductible donation to Pop In before 30 June (that’s 10 weeks away) to help these women and children break free of their DV situation and regain control of their lives. Any amount will make a difference. Did you hear the latest stats from the Australian Bureau of Statistics? When women earn more than their male partners, domestic violence risk goes up 35%. WTAF?

Banter is an in-kind funding partner, delivering marketing support with collateral design, events, media and whatever else we have a skill in, to the value of $50,000+ per annum. Perhaps you have a service you can donate too? Or volunteer? Drop me an email or phone call at any time to see how you can help, we’d love to partner with you. Donate Now.

Finally, you can limit comments on Facebook

In NSW last year, there was a pretty big court case that held media organisations, small businesses and other organisations liable for defamatory comments that were made on their posts. If that business moderated pages, and allowed comments 💬 to be posted, they were legally liable for those comments. It was high profile and it changed how social media worked for many.

Thankfully, Facebook has introduced a new tool allowing users more control over who can comment on their public posts – including choosing whether to let anyone who can see the post comment, or whether to restrict commenting ⛔ to either friends only, or the people and pages tagged.

This is ideal, and just what real moderation should mean. 🙅‍♀️ Stop the trolls. Limit unwanted interactions.

It may take up to two weeks before every profile and page has the ability to turn off comments on their posts, so watch your settings for updates.

Gibraltar Construction and The Fixed Wheel relaunch

Last month we saved you some 💰 with Swann Business & Taxation, and you used that to engage Jess Hunter Interior Design… so it’s only natural to move on to building your dream house and getting some R&R in-between.

This month we redesigned, rebuilt and relaunched two fab websites, starting with Gibraltar Construction. This luxury home builder produces award-winning 🏆 buildings, beautifully bespoke 🏠and architecturally designed commercial properties. Not a difficult job for Banter to make something look so great when the product speaks for itself. Whether it’s a new build or a renovation 🛠 you’re after, Gibraltar’s local brothers, Luke & Jason, will have you covered.

Now over to the R&R side. The Fixed Wheel is a renowned go-to independent bike shop 🚴🏻‍♂️ in Bowral. Anyone who rides a bike knows the quality and service they receive from these locals. The brands they stock are extensive, they can overhaul your bike servicing and you can hire a bike as well! These guys are passionate about 🚲 and enjoy the lifestyle that our area provides with beautiful 🏞 and an ethos of health and life balance. Banter’s website build needed to bring all of these elements together in an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-buy way. And with Sasha as our resident cyclist, we think we delivered on this project with a big smile. 😃

The best 5 min reads for you

I’ve come across so much amazing information for business owners that I created this section to help businesses with short reads, not just about marketing. If you only click on one section of this newsletter, this should be it. ✅

On our blog this month, explore the 2021 animation trends hitting our design studio. If you’re ready to animate your logos, turn difficult processes into explainer videos or just need a little 🎇 in your collateral and branding, let us shake up your look with some 🆒 stuff.

I was part of the Elite Agent podcast series this month talking: “How to market yourself in a changed digital world”. I’m 🎙 post-Facebook’s media bargaining code disaster, why LinkedIn is under-utilised and what it really takes to make digital work for you and your business. Pop your 🎧 on and enjoy the candid chat with Samantha McLean.

We know that the success of a business is largely based on your people. Businesses are seeking to invest more in their people – in their professional development, in making their jobs as enjoyable as possible, and in ensuring they have a team of skilled, engaged, and passionate workers, regardless of the job or business type. Unleashed Experiences create off-the-chart, once-in-a-lifetime 🐘 experiences as prizes, rewards, team building, 🪂 leadership and anything you can think of that creates engagement coupled with joy. This is like nothing you’ve ever seen 🙀.

No-one is this cool, not even Zara

There’s a time and a place to be arty, but there has to be some semblance of fit for purpose.

I agree that brands should stretch their thinking 🤔 and capabilities, but seriously, this is one massive step too far, and Zara shoppers are complaining:

It’s Impossible To Shop Online
Due To Weird Modeling Poses

They’re being polite. They aren’t weird poses. They’re completely useless. Photographers 📸 being ‘edgy’ and losing the entire point in the process. You only had one job – sell the garments and accessories.

Catch you next time 😃