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Acknowledgement of Country

Banter Group acknowledges the Gundungurra people as the Traditional Owners of the land on which our agency stands, and extend this 
respect to all First Nations peoples, including 
Elders past, present and emerging.

It’s not often that a whole month is a blur 🙈, but this last month has been.

Between Covid wiping out teams at a time, and rains wiping out communities and schools, the juggle for 2022 continues, and it is bloody tiring. 😷🌧️😩

Marketing has been no different. This first quarter of the year has seen many businesses bundling up their energy to kick start their new years in the hope of something different to the past. We’ve started on some massive and exciting projects that we can’t wait to share with you and we’re also going through our office fit out 🤩 with our new boardroom, I get my own office 😍 and decorating interiors with the awesome Jess Hunter. Plenty to be revealed, and in the meantime, a load of updates in this edition that will change your day.

Valentina xxx

Google My Business App Is Being Replaced

The Google My Business app is being replaced by the sexier cousins, Google Maps and Search.

You’ll need to use Maps and Search to now update your Business Profile and connect with customers. The new app will be called Google Business Profile and you’ll be able to:

  • Edit your profile information
  • Promote your business with posts and photos
  • Connect with customers by responding to reviews and questions

To access your Google Business account on Google Maps, ⬇️ download the “Google Maps” app on your Apple or Android device.

LinkedIn Company Page Newsletters

In the same way individuals can write newsletters directly within LinkedIn, so too can Company Pages 👏👏. The first time you send out a newsletter, it’ll be sent to each person who follows your company with the option to subscribe to it. Opt-in subscribers will receive notifications on-platform and via email when new editions are published.

This is a great way of reaching new audiences and people who may not subscribe to an external newsletter, like this one from Banter, but who may follow you and your connections on LinkedIn.

To create a newsletter as your Company Page:

  • Click create a newsletter
  • Add a title, description, publishing cadence and logo for your newsletter
  • Click done

You can publish one article every 24 hours. Give it a go and let me know what your results are like.

Image Credit: LinkedIn Business

El Jannah

Are you ready to feel hungry? 😋😋 El Jannah is one of Australia’s fastest growing Quick Service Restaurants with a Lebanese-Australian menu that’s pure deliciousness. Legendary charcoal chicken, their famous garlic sauce; their food is made for sharing….except for the last drumstick. 🍗

Our team has been collaborating with El Jannah for over 12-months now, delivering copywriting services including:

  • All copy for their direct to consumer website
  • Developing content for their B2B Franchise Partnership website
  • Blog posts
  • LinkedIn posts
  • SMS notification messages

We love working with this family-founded, Australian business success story that started in Granville, Sydney, 🇦🇺 20 years ago.

El Jannah’s tone of voice is strong, fun to play with and a little bit cheeky too. The only problem? Every time we have El Jannah projects on our screen, we start craving an El Jannah fix. We’re so ready for a Southern Highlands store!

Image Credit: El Jannah

Solis Haus

Solis Haus is an award-winning sustainable and environmental building design 🏡 and drafting studio based in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

They know design, and we know the value of an exceptional website experience to showcase their work… and that’s what we’ve delivered for Justin and his team.

With design projects as good as these, the website design & build was a joy.

Beautiful | Functional | Efficient.

It was all a team effort too, with the logo design from Carterfield Design and the copywriting of the site from Show Pony Social.

Congratulations Solis Haus! 🎉

Image Credit: Solis Haus

Less than 5 min reads for you

This section: Short reads, 👀 not just about marketing.


Busch Beer: Pee In The Can, Not On A Tree
Led by an insight that weeing on a tree 🌳 can harm the environment (including nutrient loss and stunting growth of trees), Busch Light Beer steps up their CSR with their ‘Save a Tree, Pee in a Busch’ campaign. The beer is sold with a funnel to wee into! Yep, you’d want to remember which can is which wouldn’t you! 😂 The promotion is in partnership with One Tree Planted, and will redirect 100% of all proceeds to the organisation.


The CommBank Logo Evolution
We constantly have this conversation with clients – THE VALUE OF A BRAND. A logo is not your brand, but it is definitely a big part of it.

A logo and accompanying brand design can bring instant recognition to your business, and with it, comes instant emotion and perception. A strong (and favourable) brand is what every company craves: no need for words. Symbols and logos, like pictures, can tell a thousand of them.

This remarkable history of The Commonwealth Bank’s brand, looking at the three distinct logos over 110 years is a fitting reminder that sometimes a brand refresh is needed, and sometimes, it can be super subtle with maximum impact.


Brands Go Niche on TikTok
There are mass platforms (Insta) and there are new platforms that attract niche audiences (TikTok). And brands, including luxury brands, are following the Gen Zs into their stopping ground. Gucci and The North Face are working with train enthusiast Francis Bourgeois in just one example of brands finding value in TikTok subcultures. To make it work though, brands have to hand over creative freedoms and with that, comes a truck tonne of trust. TikTok is also reportedly looking to stretch users’ short-attention spans by testing different format lengths that last up to 10 minutes to sell more ads, become more competitive with platforms such as YouTube and attract an older user base. Sound familiar? (YouTube)


Instagram SEO: 5 Ways to Increase Your Discoverability
We all know about SEO when we’re talking about websites, but did you know SEO is important for socials as well? To be discovered on social media, the algorithms need signals to learn what you like and what you’d want to 👀 see more of. Here are 5 simple things you can do to improve your SEO on Instagram.

Image Credit: Shop Beer Gear

Nike Japan Air Max Day

Nike Japan team went ALL OUT for Air Max Day — Nike’s annual celebration of the debut of the iconic visible Air technology — by partnering with creative studio CEKAI to create this incredible 3D billboard outside Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. The Air Max 1 was splashing and popping across the giant screen in a slew of colorways. You have to watch the video, it’s mind-blowing. 🤯🤩

Catch you next time 😃