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Acknowledgement of Country

Banter Group acknowledges the Gundungurra people as the Traditional Owners of the land on which our agency stands, and extend this 
respect to all First Nations peoples, including 
Elders past, present and emerging.

As I’m preparing for Banter’s annual strategic planning day📈at Camp Wombaroo, I’m reviewing our clients and projects, budgets, team structures, processes and training. We’ll be amongst the gum trees 🌳, wombats, shelter building and the giant swing! It’s so incredibly important to go through the highs and lows as a business, which rewards you with direction, cohesiveness and confidence.

Sure it highlights the flaws pretty easily, and it offers a whole lot of solutions in the process. Taking the team on the same journey is the only way to make sure the plan for our future is able to happen.

The reflection left me in awe. The people who make up Banter are nothing short of formidable. We work hard. Really hard. We work well fantastically together. In just 22 months, we’ve worked with and delivered:

So much more than I ever imagined.
I’m ecstatic that we’ve been able to support your businesses, local and national, to achieve your goals. Thank you to all our clients who’ve helped me to achieve mine 🥅.
Valentina xxx

Pinterest Shortens The Customer Click To Purchase

Keep your eyes on Pinterest as they’ve been beefing up their eCommerce capabilities lately. The social platform is a leader for retail, fashion, interior designer and architecture discovery.

The new Pinterest for WooCommerce extension allows you to showcase products to new customers and drive more sales by connecting your store to Pinterest.

Pinterest has more than 250 million active users who proactively search for eye-catching content. Research shows that users buy products they discover on Pinterest at a much higher rate than other social media platforms.

You can:

  • Display important product information on each pin, such as product name, description, price, and availability
  • Create new pins automatically, and update existing ones right from your WooCommerce dashboard
  • Measure ad performance and make Promoted Pin management a breeze.

If this is your space, it’s a no brainer to activate the plugin today.

Facebook Video Format Now 4:5 Ratio Or No Show In Mobile

ICYMI, as of Monday 19th August (just passed), Facebook has changed the maximum media height for photos and videos on mobile News Feed. It’s shorter 4:5 aspect ratio means posts will display three lines of text before cutting the rest off and prompting with the “See More” link. Media that is taller than 4:5 will now be masked on Facebook mobile News Feed. What does masked mean? It means it won’t even show up on a mobile News Feed.

This is a big deal. If you see your video stats fall off a cliff, you might want to double-check your ratio setting.

Two reasons for this change:
a) smaller placements mean we can scroll through more, and
b) more ads can fit into our tolerability of scrolling (which = more 💰 for Zuck)

Need help? Call us: 1300 070 688.

Risk Vs Effort In Online Marketing: What You Need To Know

Online Marketing. It’s everywhere. There are email marketing strategies, SEO techniques, SEM, social media channels, and countless other tools that can help you connect with your customers like never before.

This month’s blog compares the risks and effort that come with the most common types of online marketing and gives you tips on choosing the best option for your business.

It should give you an idea of your options, and if you need help to work out the best solution for you, we’re here.

Author: John Dale – The Blasphemy Laws

If you grew up with George Orwell’s 1984, then you’re going to ❤️ this.

The amazing Professor of Writing at University of Technology, Sydney, John Dale, is the author of nine books including the best-selling Huckstepp. This month, we’ve been lucky enough to help John launch his newly released book The Blasphemy Laws, which is a take on the infamous George Orwell novel 1984. Set in 🇬🇧2048, an Islamist political Party has swept to power in Britain’s general elections. Overnight the country is transformed by the introduction of The Blasphemy Laws. Will this be the future? Perhaps you need to order a copy to find out just what this might be like.

Controversial? Perhaps. Make up your own mind.
Book club? Most definitely. #TheBlasphemyLaws

With fascinating content, and nine books behind him, our job was to:

✅ Create his brand new website to sell all books
✅ Relaunch his Facebook page
✅ Launch an Instagram profile
✅ Create a social strategy
✅ Generate social copy, image assets and manage sponsored posts and targeting

We hope you enjoy the range of reading available from John, all books are available for sale online.

Recent chats and upcoming stuff

Speaker and Panelist: DigiMarCon – Digital Marketing Conference Australia 2019
I’m delighted to have accepted the role of Speaker and Panel Chair for the DigiMarCon Australia national conference held on 28-29 August. This global conference is coming to ANZ Stadium and I’ll be hosting the 50 min panel discussion on digital marketing trends for 2019. I’ll be joined on stage by the very talented, and co-industry advisor for the International Social Media Association, Claudia Sagripanti, Business Program Manager at Optus, together with Imogen Callister, Brand & Marketing Specialist at

We’ll be diving into the biggest and most impactful digital marketing trends of the year and sharing our insights on what we’ve seen and where things are heading. If you’re going, drop me a line and I’ll try to find you there.

School Work Experience
Remember those days? We do, and we loved it, so we agreed to support newcomers exploring our fabulous industry. We opened our doors for two Year 10 students this year. Will joined us from Wollondilly Anglican School as a graphic designer, and managed to create a brand logo as well as some pretty cool Harry Potter Trivia social media assets for our client The Australian Hotel & Brewery. Then we had Jade, from Picton High School, who was exploring every angle of marketing that she could in 5 days. Jade wrote a blog about her work experience and check out her very cool Insta post on all our Banter team’s work experience adventures. We were so lucky to meet two very talented and generous individuals. You’ll be seeing them again. Stay tuned.

Moleskine Transferring Hand Drawn To Adobe

I’m a self-admitted stationery junkie. I love a notebook and I most definitely retain more information from handwriting than I do touch-typing. Watching the evolution of the luxe Moleskine brand is like watching Lego unfold timeless excellence for a building bricks company.

Moleskine has released the Paper Tablet with Creative Cloud connected to it, taking your paper sketches and turning them into perfect Illustrator CC files for editing and refining. When you watch Sasha craft his logos as paper sketches first, I think this is the perfect gift for a designer dad (hint Father’s Day). I think I’ve just discovered Sasha’s perfect present.

Until next time 😊