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Acknowledgement of Country

Banter Group acknowledges the Gundungurra people as the Traditional Owners of the land on which our agency stands, and extend this 
respect to all First Nations peoples, including 
Elders past, present and emerging.

Time to meet our second new Banter team member.

Jane is one of those multi-talented unicorns that we are lucky to have crossed paths with. Last year she had me on board as a sponsor for the Moss Vale School Fair in just one email. That’s a great trait for an account manager and it made for an easy approach once we’d determined the skills we were looking for.

Amongst being a truly lovely soul with on-point humour, Jane is a word-nerd (which we love, because she’s actually a journalist and copywriter), a news junkie (15 years working at Parliament House); and ⁣an ambitious multitasker (3 kids, a hubby in local biz AND volunteer President of Moss Vale Public School P&C).

Everyone say hi Jane!
Valentina xxx

Instagram Shopping – for all businesses

If you’ve enjoyed Insta shopping for your usual products (available since 2018), then you’re going to like that Insta is lifting restrictions on which types of profiles can add the shopping feature. After a testing period earlier this year, the new changes mean:

  • any Instagram user with a business or creator account (rather than a personal account) – including influencers and small sellers – can apply to Instagram Shopping. This includes small Etsy shop owners too!
  • to be eligible, users have to comply with other criteria: That includes having a connected Facebook page, selling physical goods, and tagging products from a single website they sell from and personally own.
  • other criteria include accounts must also have “demonstrated trustworthiness,” which Facebook says “may also include maintaining a sufficient follower base.” So what’s a sufficient follower base? Mmmm the devil is in the detail, they’ve chosen not to disclose that number.

As we all (globally) stay home more and take care of our day-to-day lives digitally, our shopping behaviour is soaring online. If you’re ready for the next step in your business being online with an Insta Shop, we’re here to help.

Hashtags Matter On Facebook

Finally👌! Whilst we’ve known about this for years, and have always included this in our social strategies, Facebook has finally announced (I mean, recognised in print), that hashtags have a purpose in Facey! #️⃣’s have been around on the platform since 2013, but now they are increasing in value.

You can now start to post your Insta hashtags in Facey, in full. Remember how they used to look spammy? Not anymore…

When you include hashtags on Facebook, you should see an increase in organic reach. Now that’s an exciting sentence. Finally, all your organic posting will start to make a bigger impact 📈. Perhaps as a result of the boycott? Perhaps as a result of reduced sponsored ad spend during Covid-19?

Whatever it is, use it and abuse it!

Some users are seeing notifications 🔔 pop up from Facebook encouraging them to add hashtags to increase organic reach. Other users are seeing buttons on posts inviting them to go explore the hashtag.

Follow the trends and let us know what you’re experiencing. Every country and category can report different findings and we’d love to know what you’ve found by increasing your hashtags.

An Introduction to Email Marketing

There’s no denying I love email marketing. To give a little back to our community, I’m running a series of live webinars, once a month, with a focus on 📧 email marketing. If you missed the very first live run, don’t despair. I’m making my own content work harder than just delivering a 30 min live webinar.

On the blog, you’ll find the very first of these webinars: An Introduction to Email Marketing. I’ve saved you from the no-makeup video, and have transcribed the full webinar for you to speed read through.

Email Marketing continues to deliver the highest return on investment within the digital marketing space. With 4.3 billion users, half our population is using email. Email is all about “on our time”. For every dollar that’s being spent on the email marketing channel, you can expect about $42 in return (DMA 2019).

Piqued your interest? Check out the blog, packed with tools to get you going.

Ed Park: Land & Home Packages

Not all our projects are local and it’s an exciting time in property (depending how you look at it) when you’re approached by a property developer. Ed Park is a new land release in Western Sydney, at Edmondson Park. Imagine: your dream home, set within a community with open spaces for the kids to run🍃, walking tracks and ample picnicking spots, easily accessible public transport 🚆 connecting you to the Sydney CBD and beyond, and ample shopping 🛍️ at your doorstep… @edparkau is delivering the lot 🏡 ❤️ ⁣.

Ed Park came to us with an original, 3-page website, which was content-heavy and a little hard to navigate.

Enter the Banter brief: we had to think about how to create an enticing, warm and fresh look, whilst displaying their information clearly, making it easy for prospective buyers to navigate and get in touch📲.

Website design concept + website development + SEO + Copywriting + Lead Generation = happy client

Interested in your new home, or perhaps your next investment? Check out this great new ‘place’ to be.

Get Real Estate Agents Digital. Pronto.

Digital Live is a 12-week (in-person and online) digital program  allowing real estate agents to build an online footprint that engages audiences and builds relationships. Benchmark your current capabilities, attend an in-person event and participate in ongoing sessions to build a better brand online. We’re on in Sydney, October 27th and tickets are available now.

There has never been a more important time for agents to master digital than right now. 15 hours of coaching over 12 weeks, access to 10 digital masterminds, including a full day at the Australian Film Television and Radio School 🎬, will give you the fundamentals and tools to grow, build, cement and retain relationships.

This not-for-profit educational event delivers all profits to the children’s charity Hands Across The Water.

I’m honoured to be one of the coaches within the program, running a masterclass on social media and getting your hands dirty with workshops. Grab your ticket now and see you there.

Bioprinting is here, and it’s pretty amazing.

It’s amazing to think this is our future. KFC and a Russian 3D bioprinting firm are creating chicken meat🍗. In response to the demand for meat alternatives and environmentally friendly methods of food production, this may be the world’s first laboratory-produced chicken nuggets. The bonus; it should be close in both taste and appearance to the original KFC product.

The tech uses chicken cells and plant material, reproducing the taste and texture of chicken meat. According to a study by the American Environmental Science & Technology Journal, the technology of growing meat from cells has a minimal negative impact on the environment, allowing energy consumption to be cut by more than half, greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced 25 fold, and 100 times less land to be used than traditional farm-based meat production.

Fascinating. I feel privileged to think that I will experience this in my lifetime.

Until next time, enjoy! 😀