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Acknowledgement of Country

Banter Group acknowledges the Gundungurra people as the Traditional Owners of the land on which our agency stands, and extend this 
respect to all First Nations peoples, including 
Elders past, present and emerging.

Introducing … Speak Group

I’m tickled pink to finally introduce Speak Group to the world. Speak is our brand new business for education and training.

Our wonderful Sasha created the gorgeous brand to represent the modern, transparent and straight-talking approach I take with training in digital marketing.

Our courses are going face to face nationally, online globally and 1:1 coaching & mentoring in every format that suits you. Check it out and sign up to be an INSIDER to get the latest and greatest course releases. I’d love your feedback and hope to see you upskilling and stretching your learning in 2019.

Valentina xxx

Facebook Merging Messaging Platforms

It was always going to happen. I guess I didn’t expect it this close to the Cambridge Analytica Scandal. Facebook’s merging plans of Instant Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram is a mine field of data. The integration will allow cross-messaging between the three platforms (which will all still operate as standalone apps), so users could talk to their Messenger-only friends without leaving WhatsApp.

With all innovations, there is risk. And this is a massive data and privacy risk. They plan to include encryption, but let’s face it, how much of that do you trust?

Be informed. Know what’s happening. Know what impact this might have on your own privacy and security.

If we’re talking security, then who better to highlight what this means other than McAfee. Short, easy and essential read.

Facebook turns 15: Is the platform still worth the time for small businesses?

It’s a great headline and so relevant right now. The algorithm has changed. The way people use the platform has changed. We can’t keep doing the same thing and expect the same result.

This terrific article from SmartCompany sums it up beautifully. In a nutshell, you need to define your purpose, and understand what it is that you expect Facebook to deliver for your business.

Defining the value of your time and money spent on Facebook depends on that purpose. If your customers expect you to be there, then perhaps that’s your purpose. If it’s sales you’re after, then it’s a pay-to-play channel. The targeting capabilities make it a strong contender to other options, but you still need a plan. And that plan needs to be realistic.

I Built My Website, Why Aren’t I On Page 1 of Google?

It’s not unusual for us to be asked this question the moment a new website launches. It’s not an unreasonable question if you’re not informed in the way Google (or other search engines) operate.

Our senior web developer, Mel, has started to share her knowledge as to what ranking factors matter to Google in order for your website pages to be indexed (ie, appear in Google search results).

Part 1 of the blog series: 5 quick tips regarding linking within your website. If you’re ready to undertake phase 2 of your website planning with linking and need a hand, give us a shout.

Flexispace, No 1 Martin Place, Sydney

Flexispace is a stunning co-working solution for Sydney’s professionals, and one of Banter’s foundation clients. The prestigious space, right in the heart of Sydney at No. 1 Martin Place, provides the ambience, facilities and technology that professionals need.

We feel privileged to be working with this incredible brand over the last 12 months. Our work has included development of a social media strategy, design of creative assets, sponsored ad management and lead generation, as well as the redesign of the website.

If you’re looking for a private and professional space to work in the big smoke without the commitment, give Flexispace a try. I promise you’ll never look back.

Recent chats and upcoming stuff

The Insecurity Project: I was gobsmacked to meet Jaemin Frazer during one of his recent presentations. Jaemin was speaking about the 7 essential practices for overcoming insecurity. No-one likes to admit they even have an insecurity… that’s step 1. I found myself relating to everything he spoke of. Not just for me personally, but for all those surrounding me from children to ageing grandparents. For all of us to reach our full potential, and truly be happy, we have to face the pain and hardships of our reality first. Jaemin does this. Please please please invest 10 mins in yourself and check out his free self-assessment tool to see how you’re tracking. If I can help just one person reach their full potential by putting you in front of Jaemin, that’s one more person living their life in true happiness. Break the cycle, one person at a time.

Hungry Jacks (Burger King) does VB, and vice versa

I have a huge crush on Hungry Jacks, because I’ve been following Global Chief Marketing Officer, Fernando Machado’s brilliant creative strategy for a few years. They are so bloody clever. This recent campaign though, is a big credit to their Australian agency, Clemenger, who swapped out the iconic 1968 VB tagline ‘hard earned thirst needs a big cold beer’ for ‘hard earned hunger needs a big juicy burger‘.

So VB responded, in true Aussie spirit, with the reverse. They created ‘the beers are better at Victoria Bitter‘, including a flaming logo.

My crush just developed into full blown love. I don’t drink beer and I barely eat Hungry Jacks, but their branding and positioning is unmistakable. Loyal fan right here.

Until next time 😊