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Newsletter February 2022

By Valentina Borbone

Now that all the HNY messages are out of the way, we’re feeling the full force of businesses bouncing back in 2022. And it’s a good feeling,  I must admit. The danger zone feels like it’s taken a chill-pill and we’re backing up business strategy after business strategy faster than you can say Q1 is halfway through.

We support our wonderful existing and new clients with an ever-growing team, and this month I’m introducing you to Jess, our delightful Social Media Co-ordinator.  Jess works closely with Lauren on delivering the social goodness for our clients, ensuring the planning is happening, the briefs for the studio are completed and researching great ideas every day.

This locally born go-getter puts her youthful lens over social platforms and content that works. We love to nurture young talent and the lovely Jess is already making waves in our fast-paced digital world.

Say hello Jess!

Welcome Team member Jess

If you’re thinking of getting your strategic planning and marketing tactics rolling, now is the time to book yourself in for a catch-up, March is already packed

Valentina xxx

Things you need to know

Need to know

The Woven City

I’ve been hearing a lot about people re-evaluating their life purpose of late (I’m very confident in my re-evaluation about 10 years ago) and I feel like this heightened sense presents the most interesting of concepts like Woven City. Purpose!

Woven City is pioneering a profound evolution in how societies of the future live, work, play, and move – and it comes directly from Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota Motor Corporation.  Built on 175 acres of land at the base of Japan’s Mt. Fuji, the approach is driven by three unwavering principles:

  • “Human-Centered” respect and prioritisation of people’s needs and preferences;
  • “Living Laboratory” which enables seamless real-world testing of new technologies;
  • “Ever-Evolving” approach by which such new technologies and services continuously grow and improve.

Toyota certainly delivers on an exceptional driving experience, so perhaps this vision of awe can actually be true. Incorporating the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, this living lab could genuinely create a better world. I love our world and the smart people within it. They say people can live there within 5 years. Please come true.

Social Media

Social Media

Insta Stuff: Tools, Tips & News

I could really just write a whole newsletter on Insta stuff. So rather than make this Zucker-stuff, here are some of the champion things you should know about: like 18 tools to make your Insta-crazy world a little easier. There are design tools, something for co-creators and competitions, hashtag finders, and a bunch of freebies and premium options if you dig them.

Ready to harvest your superfans into sellers? This great write-up from the masters at Social Media Examiner walk you through how to develop Insta Superfans who will brag about you and do your selling for you. Capture + Converse + Convert. Simples.

Just as you’re putting all your Insta thoughts together, this news report is a neat reminder of the impact of our socials and screen time. Some 38% of US Instagram users have cut down the amount of time they spend on the platform for mental health reasons, while 38% have blocked accounts, 21% have set limits on screen time and 18% have deleted the app. On the positive flipside, 50% think influencer marketing will be a permanent strategy (I agree!) and 21% have purchased products recommended by influencers (so have I). The full report is from Opinium.

Lastly, this may or may not make you feel better – but Zuck’s Meta’s $FB stock for Q4 2021 plummet by over 26% – amounting to a market value loss of a whopping $250+ billion. And it took Snap, Pinterest and Twitter with it.

Banter Boast

Forest Ranch

Stockland’s Illawarra Master Plan: Forest Reach

Forest Reach is a brand new master-planned community from Stockland, in the beautiful Illawarra Valley, just 18km from Wollongong.

The opportunity to visualise this new development for sale was one we couldn’t wait to get our teeth into!  Our project role includes:

We continue to work with Stockland on further comms for Forest Reach, including more videos, more blogs and more email communications.

Keep your eyes peeled for more sneak peeks!

Banter boast

Creating A Buyer’s Agent’s Business

Did you know that in our Southern Highlands region, there are 67 real estate agents? That’s a truck-tonne of people selling their wares. To stand out in this crowd, you need a little something-something. Tim McLean, the champion behind the Bowral Creek To Peak charity event from Spirit Sport and Events is a local on a mission to help people find their new home or investment property, with his Buyer’s Agent business, Buying Highlands.

A Buyers Agent will help with:

  • Off-market opportunities
  • Save time by doing the leg work
  • Show you properties that meet your brief
  • Negotiate with their key local relationships

Our engagement continues an exciting journey, as we’ve been busy with:

The creation of the Buying Highlands branding
Design of marketing collateral (business cards, flyers)
The simple and clean website
A range of Property Life Magazine print advertisements
Setup and ongoing management of social media profiles

Ready for your new brand to hit the market? We are!


Qucik reads


5 min reads

Less than 5 min reads for you

This section: Short reads, not just about marketing.


ON THE BLOG – Using Insta Features to Grow Reach: 

Keeping up with Insta options and features to grow your reach can be hard work. Yes, you can buy real Instagram followers (as well as truck loads of fake ones). Our guest blog this month comes to you with some options to promote your business, get engagement, and increase reach using existing features.


Will you sponsor us?: We’re doing the almost unthinkable and going for a charity run, the Bowral Creek to Peak. Well, it might be a walk, but we’re doing it. Team Banter x 4 of us are running up a grueling hill in the Highlands and back again, for the benefit of raising money for our nominated charity, Pop In. I’m a volunteer board member for Pop In, a service helping women and children experiencing domestic violence and abuse. We’d love you to sponsor us, every bit helps us change the lives of those that need it. Love you forever if you do! 


Real Estate Zoomathon: Join me and 75+ other international speakers, trainers, and mentors for 33+ hours of real estate business coaching on Feb 23 and 24. I’m donating my time for this awesome event to raise money for the disadvantaged children of Thailand, through the incredible work that Hands Across The Water delivers. Tickets are just $49 and there’s a fabulous lineup, including some faves of mine, author Liz Wiseman and the hysterical Jonathan Creek. Even if you catch a handful of these speakers, it will be well worth it. Check it out and buy your tix now.

Something Cool


Australian Government

Entrepreneur’s Programme

It seems not many businesses know this exists, so it’s made my Cool section, because it is. The government has a program – the Entrepreneur’s Programme, where there are government grants that can help transform your business, getting you from where you are to where you want to be.

What makes this cool is that they give you access to expert advice and financial support through grants to help you progress – and 22 Australian innovators are now sharing in over $12.2m in funding for innovations in the agricultural, medical, recycling, and clean energy sectors. And there are plenty more sectors and funding on offer. The programme has already reached its 400th Strengthening Business client.

Please take a good look at what’s on offer. The criteria is clear and the opportunity is real. Take advantage of what’s right in front of you.

Catch you next time

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