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Newsletter February 2023

By Valentina Borbone

Banter header 2/3 of the way through Q1, you're kidding right? 😱 Before I say "what end of year holiday", I've booked myself to head to Borocay, in the Philippines at the end of the month. I wish I could say it was to float across the gorgeous islands 🏝 (and there will be some of that), but it's a mastermind business strategy retreat with Tristan, my coach.

The best planning I can undertake for Banter this year is for our sustainability and longevity. The first 5 years have been all about growth, and 2023 is about scale, health and stability. It's why you're meeting new Banter humans (and there's more to come), and why their roles are vital for the success of our 2023 goals (and the goals for the next 5 years too). 

Business is hard, and changing. I'm looking forward to freeing up my headspace to truly put down what the next 5 years of Banter looks like. 

Banter humans

Meet two more amazing Banter humans who joined our team.

Jane is an experienced 🧩 tetris master and is whipping our team into shape as our masterful Studio Manager. Jane's ability to take 60 projects, 500+ tasks, and co-ordinate skillsets, resources, deadlines and endless changes into something logical makes my head spinπŸŒͺ, and she does it beautifully.

Lisa is a highly experienced marketing account manager with a broad background across the franchise environment, start-ups, banking, global giants, NFPs, media, and smaller bespoke companies. Lisa's experience brings a depth of creative ideas to connect brands with their customers, and with her trainer skillset too, she's guiding the way with clients. πŸ‘

Valentina xxx

Things you need to know

Google analytics

GA4: don't lose your data

With the legacy version of Google Analytics retiring soon, the countdown is on to make the upgrade or lose your data for good.  On 1 July 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new data. The new platform, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), will be the new management platform. 

One of the platform’s most powerful upgrades is the addition and refinement of machine-learning capabilities. Google Analytics now has the ability to combine observed data and unobserved data - which is a data necessity as changes in browser cookies and user identifiers increasingly limit the old way of tracking. 

Our tracking and analytics tools are losing data as we know it — and we must adapt. Using some easy features in GA will help compensate for this loss so that you can remain data-informed. 

If you choose to do nothing, from 1 July 2023 your website will no longer be collecting analytics data at all. There will be no way to retrospectively get that data. Need help getting GA4 installed and converting your data? We've got you covered, get in touch today.

Social Media

Social media

Instagram adds lead forms as CTA button

Instagram has added lead forms as an action button on business profiles. The feature allows 3 custom questions to be created along with options for 4 pre-existing information points.

This is a great way to learn more about your customers with valuable data collection and also an opportunity to segment your leads and customers. 

We note not all users have been given access as yet, so keep checking your account to see if this feature has been rolled out for you. πŸ‘€

Banter boast

Banter boast

RSM: Options Campaign Launch

In 2021, Banter worked with our long-term client RSM Australia to develop a campaign to help business owners and company directors bring forward difficult financial conversations - before they needed to start down a path that could lead to bankruptcy and liquidation πŸ˜•

The success of that campaign, combined with the challenging economic environment, inspired RSM to lead the way with a series of industry-specific campaigns targeted to real humans in real situations.

Our re-vamped creative campaign focused on 4 industry sectors that we knew were in trouble, utilising:
πŸ”Ή Compelling industry-specific statistics from authoritative sources to show that no business is an island
πŸ”Ή A focus on people, for emotional impact
πŸ”Ή A coordinated photo shoot, with models and settings representing each of the target industries

The national roll-out has been extensive, with localised creative throughout the country and incorporating print media in Australia's leading news mastheads like The Sydney Morning Herald, as well as bus backs, billboards and digital display ads. πŸ“°πŸšŒ

Banter Group delivered on strategy, creative development, design, copywriting, and project management.

It’s incredibly rewarding to know that we’re doing good, preventive work that helps businesses get through tough times. Add to that the opportunity to apply our learnings from the first campaign, and we are a happy bunch of digital marketers with a bunch of satisfied clients! πŸ€©πŸ™Œ

You can see an example of the campaign with one of the localised and dedicated landing pages.

the techery

The Techery: smART automation 

The wonderful team at The Techery have been waiting for the great reveal of their brand-spanking new website 😍

Team Banter created the brand refresh a few months back and we then jumped straight into the web design and rebuild.

The Techery is the smart bunch of humans πŸ€“ delivering smart automations and rural internet solutions for homes and businesses alike. With their smart thinking and smart solutions, they needed a smart-looking website, and we are thrilled with the outcome.

If you’re thinking of making your life (or your short-term rental accommodation side hustle) a little less stressful with some techy πŸ‘©‍πŸ’» automations and fast reliable internet, you know exactly who to call. πŸ“ž

Quick reads

Quick reads

Less than 5 min reads for you

This section: Short reads, πŸ‘€ not just about marketing. 

On the blog:  Google Profile - Local Search Tips
Looking to be found on Google search πŸ” and maps? πŸ—Ί You need a Google Business Profile. Already got a profile? We’ve collated some top tips to make the most out of your listing. 

Talia's prepared a summary with pictures which shows what you can do to make sure your listing is driving the best outcome for your business. 

Best prompts for ChatGPT and AI learning
If you're loving your ChatGPT and really want to make it fly - this is the most fabulous summary from Smart Insights on making the prompts perfectly succinct for digital marketing.  You're welcome, in fact, thank Talia. πŸ‘

CX Trends Report 2023
No-one denies that the last 3 years have been pretty crap, and businesses around the world have been forced to change pretty much every part of their ops.

These seismic shifts have impacted customer service in massive amounts, and with that, customer expectations have been the root cause.

What’s the norm now? What exactly do customers expect?

The CX 2023 report tells you just that. All 37,000 pages of the report are useful (don’t worry, there are lots of images and easy stats). What’s funny is that customer expectations from people like us tell us that no-one is reading all 37,000 pages… πŸ€ͺ

The report delves into each trend and explains how your business can meet these critical expectations by offering insight, real-world recommendations, and highlighting what best-in-class companies are doing. 


APAC Insider’s feature publication showcasing the Business Awards Winners 2022 πŸ’₯
We’re in excellent company, with winners being selected from all over the Asia-Pacific, including Malaysia, India, New Zealand, China, and the Philippines.

Having won not one, but two, awards from this prestigious recognition, we could not be more proud 😁 Check us out in the online write-up.

Something Cool

Something cool

Digital gaming delivers real-world lessons

Finding a way to cut through the static and make climate change action relevant, understandable, and actionable is at the core of digital education company Skewb Climate. This team has partnered with Minecraft to create a new climate change-focused gaming world.

The educational modules are built as adventures, with players solving challenges and tracking the real-time environmental results of their decisions. As part of the lesson packs, the company provides training for teachers wanting to use the modules as part of their curriculum as well as laptops for communities that may not have regular access to such devices.

The carbon monoxide part of the game includes a laboratory visit, teaching gamers about the gas itself and the damage it causes, as well as how to fix potentially dangerous situations. The Antarctic expedition allows students to analyse 🧊 ice to see how industrial activity changes the health of the environment and asks players to get creative in generating new, green energy alternatives. πŸƒ  

Already working with utility companies, Skewb Climate plans to expand its content by collaborating with construction businesses and other industries and organisations.  

Catch you next time πŸ˜ƒ


Valentina Borbone

Valentina Borbone

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Valentina Borbone, Banter Group CEO, is a leading expert in the social media industry. She is an advisor for The International Social Media Association and runs training courses for small and large businesses. Want one of the best in the business on your side?