Newsletter July 2018 | Banter Group

Newsletter July 2018

By Valentina Borbone

We’re growing.

We’ve been busy at Banter this last month launching our education and training offering, as well as delivering projects for 36 clients!

We have some exciting announcements coming up, but none more exciting than being announced as Finalists for the Local Business Awards in the New Business category and also for Outstanding Business Person of the Year. We’re really proud of the recognition of our hard work to be a leading marketing agency, and we could never do it without you!

Valentina & The Banter Team

Banter Group Newsletter

Banter Group Training

Social Media for Sole Traders and Small Business

We’re delighted to announce Banter Education’s very first workshop to help sole traders and small business get more from their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Our 3-part series is a hands-on and interactive BYO Laptop experience, where I’ll guide you through the planning and content to maximise return. It’s a small group in Bowral, so I can ensure 1:1 attention and input into your plans.

Banter Group

Banter Group

Instagram TV

You might have noticed this little icon appear in the top right hand corner of your Insta profile… Meet YouTube’s competitor, Instagram TV.  This is long form content, up to 60 mins in duration, available in vertical screen format in Insta, or within its own stand-alone app. It’s just like turning on the TV, and starts to play the moment you open the app. The release has also opened up the algorithm secrets for the first time, with a focus on interest in content, recency and relationships with content publishers.

Banter Group

Banter Group Newsletter

Why businesses need social media

When was the last time you were on Facebook? Being active on social media puts your business directly in front of your audience, it can improve the reach of your brand, you can promote sales, promotions and events – the list goes on.

A pretty surreal figure has been released by Social Media News which shows that in April 2018, 60% of the Australian population is actively on Facebook – that’s around 15 million people!! 😱

Check out our recent blog story, where we highlight the key reasons businesses need to be active in social media, and the stepping stones to get it right.

Banter Group

Banter Group Newsletter

Power By Watts

Power By Watts is a local electrical business run by 3 generations of Watts men. The team is fantastic at what they do, their experience is second to none and their branding was spot on with their punchy black and red colours. The business knew their website needed to reflect their strong brand and service. We delivered a seamless web build that demonstrates their offering which is easy to navigate and Google-friendly.

With a modern destination for customers to see who Power By Watts are, Banter also manage the social communications across Facebook and LinkedIn for the business, delivering useful content for audiences to drive traffic to the website.

Banter Group Newsletter

Banter Upcoming Stuff

Recent chats and upcoming stuff

Google held their annual marketing update just last week. They’ve announced a bunch of changes to Ads and AdWords (now called Google Ads) plus some really awesome targeting capabilities for small business and local business. I’ll be blogging about it in coming weeks, so watch this space!

Next week, I’m (Val) off to Melbourne as the primary speaker for‘s sales team kick off event. The 140-person event ought to be a lot of fun, I’ll aim to grab a few snaps to share.

A big welcome and shout out to our newest Banter addition, Louise James. Lou joins us with extensive experience in the fundraising and marketing consultancy space. She’s super fun and has quickly become part of the fabric!

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Banter Group Dog

A bit of fun

KFC has really caught my attention lately with their quirky TV punch lines. But nothing is quite as funny as this cheeky chicken from Japan. I love advertising that is based on an customer insight… this is just plain weird. 

What’s not to love about hilarious animal videos? It’s what the internet is famous for. You’re either a dog person or a cat person, so here’s a laugh for everyone. And cats are evil. Just saying.

Until next time 🙂

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Valentina Borbone

Valentina Borbone

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Valentina Borbone, Banter Group CEO, is a leading expert in the social media industry. She is an advisor for The International Social Media Association and runs training courses for small and large businesses. Want one of the best in the business on your side?