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Acknowledgement of Country

Banter Group acknowledges the Gundungurra people as the Traditional Owners of the land on which our agency stands, and extend this 
respect to all First Nations peoples, including 
Elders past, present and emerging.

The 4 Ps of Marketing has been around since the 1950s. In case you’re not familiar with these: 1️⃣​ the product (the good or service), 2️⃣​ the price (what the consumer pays), 3️⃣​ the place (the location where a product is marketed), and 4️⃣​ promotion (the advertising). As 1 of 800,000 small businesses in NSW, of which 33% are female-owned, I’ve found the 4 Ps of Marketing to be more relevant to the leadership of business (for Banter, this looks like):

1️⃣ the product (staying ahead of the marketing & digital landscape)
2️⃣​ the price (the value I place on my team and their remuneration)
3️⃣​ the place (the environment my team works within to continually perform)
4️⃣​ the promotion (advancing my team personally & professionally)

We aren’t ‘lucky’ to be in our position of growth at Banter. We’ve worked super hard, as a team, to continually face and evolve our 4 Ps, just as the marketing Ps have evolved too.

As you review your marketing tactics and practice, I urge you to review your 4 Ps in marketing and in leadership. I’m happy to help with both. 🙂​

Valentina xxx

What People Want: The Digital Experience 2022

The recent digital grants 💰​ available to businesses means our phone rings daily 📞​​ with leads for website redevelopment. Things have changed post-pandemic and consumers are demanding privacy, data control, and loyalty rewards of value, all whilst the love affair with EMAIL as a channel continues to grow.

This latest report from eConsultancy and Cheetah Digital is a good reminder of what consumers care about.

Are you leading your relationships with customers with these 5 trends intact?

Protection of Privacy: Consumers using incognito mode (50% increase) and use of password generators (40% increase). 🔐

Use Data with Permission: Only use data that’s been explicitly shared with the brand (that’s zero-party data). Creepy data includes 📍​location-based data and retargeting based on tracking cookies.

Brand Loyalty Conditions: Consumers will be loyal if you can show you understand them as individuals, treat their data with respect, align with their personal values, and of course, offer admirable loyalty programs.

Competitions, Prizes, Access are in Demand: Consumers still want free and money-can’t-buy stuff.

Email Reigns: This makes us happy because we’ve said it ALL THE TIME, Email beats the other channels by 108% as the preferred channel. ​📧​​📧​
Check out the full report.

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LinkedIn Algorithm Updates That Matter

The LinkedIn feed is the primary engagement format for the platform and there are some welcomed changes to the algorithm to improve your experience. The updates include:

  • Users can filter what they do and don’t want to see in their feed (including a specific option to filter out political content)
  • A new way to follow people from within the feed.
  • Showing “more targeted activity” from your network, so you’ll have more opportunities to join conversations that matter 💬💬​
  • Downranking content that encourages others to engage via likes or reactions
  • Displaying fewer polls 🗳️​ created by people you don’t know in favor of polls created by people in your network.

There are some great updates and make sure you check out the full statement so you can maximise and personalise your own experience.

While you’re at it, consider the content you’re putting out there for your followers too – because they’re the ones personalising their feeds and making judgement calls on you, too.

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Stop The Hack: Back Up Your Instagram Profile

With all the latest scams and hackers taking over Insta profiles (we get asked this weekly), there are TWO recommendations I have for you to avoid the pain of losing your profile. 😭​😖​😡​😭​

  • Use Two Factor Authentication – Google Authenticate is super easy and foolproof.
  • BACK. IT UP. You can’t back up your followers, but you can save your valuable and time-consuming content.

💾 Go to your Insta profile & tap on the hamburger menu (3 lines at top right).

💾 Go to Settings -> Security

💾 Select Download Data -> Enter your email address

💾 Select Request Download.

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Green Door Dental

Social media for visual accounts is kinda, well, easy. Food, Venues, Tourism, Retail, Real Estate – they all have something visually appealing to pop in front of a camera and change up the filters. But what about when you’re like… well… a dentist? 🦷​🦷​

Green Door Dental is a multi-location dental practice in Gregory Hills and Moss Vale. They do teeth. We do social. It’s a perfect partnership. 😁​🤳🏻​

Our job is to ensure their social media presence is up to date, answering questions and creating new clients for their dental practices. No-one really wants to stare down the barrel of a mouth on their social feeds, so we don’t do that. What do we do? Well, take a look!

Their job is to make your pearly whites as beautiful and as pain-free as possible, and their team really DO want to stare down the barrel of your mouth to give you the results you’re after.

It’s a win-win.

Not sure what to post on your socials for your tricky business? Drill us for some ideas (see what I did there 😉)

Real Estate Zoomathon Success

For 3 years, I’ve supported Hands Across The Water through the good work of Steve Carroll and Digital Live, in donating my time as a speaker 🗣️​ and trainer in digital marketing.

Earlier this year, I was one of 75+ speakers from across the globe 🌏​ in the world’s longest Zoomathon. As a sponsor for the incredible Valerie Timms of Timms Real Estate, and all the formidable speakers contributing their time, the Zoomathon raised a staggering $103,620.

This glorious oversized cheque is being delivered to the orphanage in Thailand in August, by a group of real estate industry professionals in their best biking lycra 🚵​🚵‍♂️​🚵‍♀️​ . This money is going towards a digital and technology learning centre.

One industry. Big hearts. Deep pockets. Outstanding results. 🥰​

I couldn’t be more proud to be part of such a huge impact on the lives of our next generation.

It’s an honour Steve Carroll, thank you!

Less than 5 min reads for you

This section: Short reads, 👀  not just about marketing.


Amazon’s Virtual Product Placement Launch

Amazon has unveiled the beta version of its Virtual Product Placement (VPP) program, designed to insert brand ads into Prime Video and Amazon Freevee original content. Honestly, I’ve been expecting this type of integration for years, (like 20+ years).

“It creates the ability to film your series without thinking about all that is required with traditional placements during production. Instead, you can sit with the final cut and see where a product could be seamlessly and naturally integrated into the storytelling,”.

Think about the impact of your future viewing with this in mind. As a brand – 😲​ AMAZING 😲​. As a consumer, well, I’ve been cynical about product placement since Big Brother started in 2001 in Australia.


14 Great Social Media Ideas For Your Content Plans

Social media can be exhausting for content creators. Here are 14 good reminders of different content to add to your social plans.


Gucci does NFTs and Crypto Payments

NFTs are not having a great week in the markets, but the fashion 👗​👔​👠​ industry (which knows a lot about selling things with no tangible value for lots of money) is ramping up. Now Gucci will accept crypto as payment, starting with five US stores. Partly marketing, partly experiment.


On the blog: Where can you learn digital marketing for free?

Delivered as a guest blog – a bunch of resources where you can find videos, blogs, case studies and courses for the digital topic of your choosing.

With anything free, there’s always a caveat. You get what you pay for.

On top of that, remember that learning takes time and practice. Our best advice is to simple START. There are Google courses, social courses, SEO, Email Marketing and everything packed in between. Pick one and giddy-up. 🐎

Burger King Whoppers for Mother’s Day Cravings

Knowing the extent of my own ridiculous pregnancy 🤰​ cravings (like 1kg of anchovies in 2 days, 12 lamb chops in one sitting without a single vegetable in-between, and 2 litres of full cream milk before 10am for 4 months), I LOVE that Burger King has celebrated Mother’s Day with such a wonderful food-fetish initiative. It’s VERY clever. Got a favourite combo?

Catch you next time 😃