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Newsletter June 2023

By Valentina Borbone

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Another interest rate hike.
An impending recession.
Another business I hear stopping their marketing to save on their bottom line.

I wish I could say I haven't seen this pattern before, but I have. A few times. When times get tough, businesses need to double-down on their marketing, not back away from it!  This video may be from 2019 and on re-watch it's scary how much still stands very strongly for what is relevant today. 

I encourage you to stay visible and stay present. Do something new, do something different, but do something. If you planted the seeds in 2019, you'll be sweet right now. If you didn't? It's never too late to begin. Stay strong out there and we're here to help on your wild ride!

Valentina xxx

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SEO or SEM? Or both?

Every now and again I'm asked the same question by business owners: Should I do SEO or SEM? Let's just call it now - the answer is both.

Nik in our team penned this straight-talking blog to help answer this exact question. Times are changing with every blink of an eye. Social platforms are fragmenting again, our attention spans continue to drop, and our on-demand expectations are healthier than ever. If the people want immediate answers when they are searching for your business, product or service, they are searching with INTENT. With intent, comes the practice of free optimisation (SEO) vs paid optimisation (SEM), with a layer of consumer behaviour to wrap it all up together. Take the guesswork out of your 2023/2024 marketing budget and make sure SEO and SEM are neatly packaged up as a line item. It's not negotiable.

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TikTok Views On Decline

What goes up must also come down, right? I recall the height of Instagram's growth period and the lack of understanding that apps can't possibly expect the same growth trajectory once they hit mass penetration. It's completely unrealistic to expect it to remain. It does then give me some joy to know that TikTok has found a little plateau, with creators reporting views on a steady decline. Having seen the views commanded by my son's attempt at "content creation", I'm not at all surprised.

The fab algorithm is at play here - demanding content posted 3 times a day. Have a hook. Make it interesting. Use trending everything blah blah blah. This is a highly recommended read if you're playing in the TikTok space, and if you need to know why your content is tanking, the first link in the story is your answer. 

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Kinship Farms: Our Food Future

We love projects that are going to change the world, and this is one of them. Earlier this year Banter Group worked with Kinship Farms to design a gorgeous new brand.  Kinship Farms is advancing Agroecology modelled farming systems, that yield nutrient-rich, chemical-free produce through an integrated (stacked) approach of Agtech and Regenerative Farming, among other holistic methods and inputs.

Embracing their new look, we turned our attention to the design and build of a website displaying the importance of more sustainable and regenerative farming.  Agroecology plays a vital role in ensuring the health and well-being of our planet. At its core, Agroecology is all about balance. It involves using techniques that minimise environmental impact, promote soil health and fertility, and conserve water and energy resources. It also prioritises the well-being of farm workers, animals, and the surrounding community for a healthier, cleaner and more connected future. This educational website is jam-packed with useful information on how to take a step towards sustainable food security for tomorrow - today. We feel privileged to work on such a fulfilling and important project.

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Less than 5 min reads for you

This section: Short reads, 👀 not just about marketing. 

AI Tools for Marketers
The blogs are coming out thick and fast on the ol' AI front, so here are a few resources to whet your appetite. This summary of tools is all you'll need to ensure you're giving your innovative streak a stroke! Learn which tool is best for the AI job - creating images, writing copy or providing complete marketing solutions.

Top 100 AI Tools
So the list above wasn't enough and you're wanting more? Here's a no-fuss top 100 list, with a basic description and link to the service, highlighting if the tool is free or paid. And who is it that rates them as the top 100? Airtable - a cloud collab tool. This means your top 100 as judged by the very small % of the internet that are content contributors.

Best times to post on social platforms 2023
If you find you haven't got the time to look at your own social analytics and performance, these summarised metrics from Sprout Social may be what you need to skim over. Keep in mind that every platform, industry, customer persona and time zone may perform differently. Case in point: Not a single client of ours has the best performing Facebook hours in the AM. Not one. If you need help delving into your stats to determine what's right for you business, well, you know where we are.

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Sugarcane = Building Blocks 🤯

Sugarcane is the world’s most-produced crop as of 2021. It's fascinating to see the multi-use of any plant and the clever people of the universe have found a way to reduce the waste product of sugarcane after producing juice. 

A collaborative project based in the University of East London has brought together researchers, commercial partners, sustainability experts, and architects to create Sugarcrete, a concrete brick replacement. According to the team, if only 30% of the world’s sugarcane waste, bagasse, was used for Sugarcrete production, the global brick industry could be completely REPLACED.  The bricks meet industry standards for strength, durability, fire resistance, and thermal properties, and are four times lighter than traditional bricks with only 15% of the carbon footprint.  We still see mud-houses in the right conditions, so I look at this and feel hopeful. 

Catch you next time 😃

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