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Acknowledgement of Country

Banter Group acknowledges the Gundungurra people as the Traditional Owners of the land on which our agency stands, and extend this 
respect to all First Nations peoples, including 
Elders past, present and emerging.

Banter Group new gm

I'm ecstatic to introduce you to Banter's new General Manager, Aaron Crossin.

With extensive experience in agency roles across management, process, procedures, automation and coaching, Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Banter table

As we continue to grow Banter it's crucial to have senior management roles that support our client strategies and our team's goals. Aaron’s expertise in managing agencies, optimising processes, and integrating a founder’s vision with strategy & collaboration will undoubtedly deliver the growth and stability results that we deserve. It's been a wonderful few months getting to know Aaron and I'm excited about our plans and introducing you to him when we meet.

Valentina xxx

Google Launches New ‘Ads Transparency Center’

Google’s looking to provide more transparency on the ads being run across its apps, with the launch of a new Ads Transparency Center, which will provide insight into the details of each organisation and campaign.

This is fantastic news 🗞. The new Google Ads Transparency Center will provide a means to search ads by topic, advertiser or website. You’ll then be able to filter the listings by region, so you can see exactly which ads are being run where, while you’ll also be able to access info on when each campaign previously run, and the ad format/s used.

Need to know what your competitors are up to? Now you can take a good look 👀.

LinkedIn's 5 Need-To-Know Product Updates

It's LinkedIn's mission to personalise your feed, provide unique perspectives and keep you connected in your business world. With this in mind, these are the most recent updates that you should know (and care) about, directly from the Chief Product Officer at LinkedIn. I've provided the headlines, but the whole blog is wonderfully detailed with specific actions you can take and screenshots to match.

  1. Personalise your feed.
  2. Search, discover & go deeper on topics you care most about -- posts, newsletters, groups, events, and more
  3. Unlocking knowledge from the world’s professionals
  4. Suggested posts, to help you discover more of what interests you
  5. Controls to tell us what you like (or don’t!), so we can continuously improve your experience


Rochelle Adonis: Simple elegant food.

We have such fascinating clients and Rochelle Adonis doesn't disappoint, in more ways than one! Rochelle is a creative perfectionist, former restauranter, and previously celebrity judge on The Great Canadian Baking Show. With such an incredible past, Rochelle asked us to prepare her for her future.

Gourmet Traveller called her “the high priestess of pastry”, 🍰 while The Qantas Magazine declared that her beautiful salons were “the home of the schmickest baked goods in the West” 🥐 . By the time Covid forced its closure, Rochelle Adonis had cemented itself as the best high tea joint in Perth 🧁.

We're all so lucky to have Rochelle back creating exquisite food and experiences with her catering offering 🎂; from weddings to workshops, bespoke events, and private catering.  Banter's role was taking Rochelle's existing branding and simplifying its look and feel, then applying this to her website, collateral and social media templates to deliver on her brand consistency. Next time you're looking for catering 🥘 solutions, you really don't need to look any further!

Less than 5 min reads for you

This section: Short reads, 👀 not just about marketing.

On the blog:  How animation boosts your marketing

Our astonishingly awesome graphic animator, Brent, has penned a number of examples of where animation boosts your marketing. In a world drowning in logos, branding, taglines and advertisements, businesses are struggling to grab their audience's attention 👁. Businesses need fresh, innovative and attention-grabbing ways to catch their customer's eye. Animation can be a powerful tool in achieving this. Modern technology 📽 is pushing boundaries and opening doors for designers and creatives; and companies need to take advantage of these advancements.

The value of sonic branding

We've written about the power of brand sounds 📢 and sonic branding in the past, and this wonderful blog caught our attention because it validates everything we've been saying too! We created our own Banter Brand Song a couple of years back and use it across all mediums. Is the timing right for you to have your brand 🎼? We can help.

How's your algospeak?

Due to the sheer volume of posted content, social media platforms use algorithms to automatically flag and remove problematic material. The goal is to reduce the spread of misinformation as well as to block content considered offensive or inappropriate. To get past content filters, social media users create coded language instead of the banned terms.

So you know how the 🍑 and 🍆 emojis have their own meanings? Well, did you know that “Corn” stands in for porn? Yep. Good ol' rhyming slang is black and algospeak has been around a while. Check out the story to see if you're up to date.

Cocoa-free chocolate that protects the planet

Cocoa farming is seriously damaging the environment – causing mass deforestation and impacting local climates as farmers clear tropical forests to make space for new cocoa trees, especially in West Africa. Currently, the WWF estimates that 70% of the Ivory Coast's illegal deforestation is related to cocoa farming, which has spurred mass deforestation across West Africa.

Now, a German company has created a chocolate free from cocoa that does not require trees to be cut down.

To avoid using cocoa, Nocoa uses locally sourced oats as its base ingredient. The oats are fermented in a process similar to brewing beer, but chocolate is produced in place of alcohol. This fermentation process releases the cocoa flavour from the oats, like how conventional cocoa 🍫 is produced.

Now if you could just make chocolate that's also good for my 🍑...

Catch you next time 😃