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Acknowledgement of Country

Banter Group acknowledges the Gundungurra people as the Traditional Owners of the land on which our agency stands, and extend this 
respect to all First Nations peoples, including 
Elders past, present and emerging.

As we start to close off Q1, the heat's still on for SMEs across Australia. 2.4million SMEs make up 99.8% of all Aussie companies, with the majority employing 50 people or fewer, powering through with resilience. Banter is one of them. We’re feeling the squeeze right alongside you.

My reflection on business and what SMEs are facing was captured in my latest podcast with the extraordinary business growth coach, Jonathan Herps. He asked me questions I don’t normally get asked, and I gave answers that I don’t normally give. It’s my most raw and honest version of being a business owner and admitting my shortfalls along the way. I also highlighted my learnings for other growing leaders to benefit from. Admittedly, it’s probably my last podcast. Saying those words out loud was hard but it was absolutely planned as part of my own growth journey. You can’t grow in a safe zone.

The safe zone was pre-Covid. The challenge is now. Keeping Banter in business  and in the spotlight is key (just like every other business) and we’re all about turning challenges into shining opportunities.

With all of this great advice for others, we turned that advice towards ourselves; and we're bursting at the seams to share some big news 🍾 - the launch of our brand new Banter website (more below). I’m sure you’re going to love it. It’s not just a website - it’s where our leads go to qualify their word of mouth referral, learn who we are, and decide if they like us enough to make contact.

Our new digital life is our new 2024 beginning. We’re ready. Are you?

Valentina xxx 


Things you need to know Banter Heading

This is Banter 2024.

I always have remarkable Banter moments, and this is certainly a crème de la crème moment: OUR NEW WEBSITE. ✨ It's more than a facelift; it's a bold statement of who we are today and the remarkable journey we've embarked on. What struck me the most in this whole project is how our formidable team of exceptionally talented individuals collectively delivered on the creative direction, the technical function, the customer journey, the user experience and every single 350+ steps in the process of relaunching. 🚀

It’s gorgeous.

This isn’t just a nod to us. It’s a nod to the humans behind the success of it all. I couldn’t be more proud of everyone. THANK YOU Team Banter. 🫶


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LinkedIn’s ‘Suggested Post’ Algo

LinkedIn’s been pumping out the updates of late, and this 2024 release could be amazing. Their algorithm update is working on a new way for posts to show up on other people's feeds (finally). 😅

A ‘suggested post’ will see distributed content being shared with targeted 🎯 users for months, or even years. It’s true that content lives and dies on the feed pretty quickly, but the platform is starting to recognise an author’s expertise and amplifying the content. Generating author credibility, the focus becomes "knowledge and advice" instead of virality. It makes sense but feels a little late to the party.

The full release update is worth the read. 👀


Banter Boast

Australian Aluminium Finishing (AAF)

We believe in excellence and innovation, and our clients are no different. We want to share with you Australian Aluminium Finishing (AAF) - who embodies these values! 💪

With over four decades of commitment to excellence, AAF has become Australia's largest independent aluminium finisher. Operating in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, they boast 11 production facilities specialising in anodising and powder coating finishes for architectural aluminium.

We've have been privileged to partner with AAF, working to elevate their brand presence from a comprehensive brand refresh to modern print collateral, including posters, brochures, banners, and website landing pages, all highlighting their enduring finishes. 🎨 We've also worked with AAF to craft a social media strategy, connecting them with their audience and amplifying their online presence. From content creation to managing SEM and SEO, we want to ensure AAF's has continued visibility in the digital space. 👨‍💻

The highlight of our partnership so far? The 2023 launch of AAF's Terra Rosa Collection - a revolutionary range of 8 unique copper finish colours, the first of its kind in Australia. AAF is changing the game in architectural finishes and setting new standards for innovation.

We’re celebrating you AAF!


ACF Equipment

I’ve talked about the diversity of our client base recently, working with a defence system client based in Canberra. Keeping with that theme, the diversity continues with our latest project where we turned the online world of construction and farm equipment into a sleek, sexy marketplace!

Our revamp of ACF Equipment's website transformed it from a clunky and unsecured site to a dynamic, user-friendly platform. 😇

Now, customers can effortlessly buy new, buy used, or trade their own agriculture, construction, and forestry equipment. With embedded iFrames for real-time updates and a design that screams sophistication, we've elevated the ACF experience, ensuring they continue to lead with exceptional customer service and high repeat client rates.

Banter services included: UX, UI, Design, SEO, Copywriting, Development, ongoing maintenance and content updates.


Quick Reads heading

On the blog

The best content is always answering the questions I get asked the most, and this month, it’s all about a website build project. As we undertook our own overhaul, it was timely to address what we face the most - DELAYS. 🤪

I wrote this blog because 80% of enquiries related to website redevelopment have typically unrealistic timeframes associated with them. Not because we can’t deliver, but because clients are nowhere near organised enough to meet their own expected deadline. 📝

As with any project, the Iron Triangle rules. I’m highlighting the top 3 reasons that delay a website build. In fact, we were meant to announce Banter’s website relaunch in February’s newsletter, and the delay? Our new photography wasn’t ready in time. Case in point.


Less than 5 minute reads for you

This section: Short reads, 👀 not just about marketing.

Get more from GA4
Having GA4 isn’t enough, making it work for you with insights is where it’s at. Here’s a great guide for Paid Media: How to Get the Best Performance Out of GA4. Need something a little more beginner? This 15min video might help.

Google Ads Auto Pause
Google Ads will automatically ⏸️ pause ad groups with low activity to help improve budget efficiency.

Multi-Touch Lead Gen
Ensuring your sales and marketing teams are aligned is nothing new, but the real opportunity of success is when they work together. Sales people know the needs of their audience base, and marketers need to produce the content to support them in their journey. Boost your conversions with these important steps.

X Super Bowl Fraud
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. X definitely has its flaws, including 78% of X’s ad traffic during Super Bowl weekend was from bots. 🙄

See where your Google Ads are
Google Ads will now show you which sites your ads are running on in their Performance Max Placement Report.

Temu’s $2B Meta Spend
It’s hard to ignore isn’t it. 😳 Cost of living up, everyone looking for cheaper ways to survive, you can’t ignore the reality. Temu’s success isn’t a fluke.  They spent $2 billion on Meta Ads last year - which is about 10% of Meta’s ad revenue. They also spent $21M on Super Bowl ads. Just. WOW.

Something cool Newsletter header

KFC Thailand Celebrates 40 Years With Extra Spicy

I couldn’t resist this campaign. Brilliantly funny and oh so perfectly Thai. They launched a mega spicy range of chicken - Kai Jai Ded - “giving merciless tongue-numbness”, coupled with a Spicy 🌶️ Relief Hotline to provide calming-the-burn-assistance to those indulging. This gimmick is just too funny to pass up, and the Thai’s lapped it up. Personally, I would have pressed 1 for the Relax and Recharge support model. 😂

Catch you next time 😊


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