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Acknowledgement of Country

Banter Group acknowledges the Gundungurra people as the Traditional Owners of the land on which our agency stands, and extend this 
respect to all First Nations peoples, including 
Elders past, present and emerging.

I ❤️ this time of year. It's pure chaos with client projects wrapping up, clients wanting to start a project with gritted hope for delivery by the end of the year, school performances, get-togethers and 🎉. There's never a dull second and it's why I love agency life - constantly moving and juggling everything, no two days are the same, EVER. You can implode, survive or thrive during this time and I certainly thrive. But I also know that this modus operandi isn't for everyone. Many years ago I was asked, "what were you built for?" It was a case of identifying your own purpose, that drives everything you do. I was built to help people. Everything I do is based on helping someone else, and that includes creating Banter to help businesses achieve their goals through smart and efficient marketing.

Whatever your feelings are towards this rushed and pressured 😩 time of year, know that there is help. Help with business, financial management, outsourcing 🎄🎁, mental health support (and that includes me, I can chat and listen till the cows come home); with anything. If you don't know how to get the right help, please ask me and I can help to direct you to the right person, or maybe it's something I can help you with (except I can't help with Christmas shopping, I'm useless at it).

Hopefully, you equally find this newsletter helpful in navigating your marketing with some direction.

Valentina xxx

Navigating the Australian data privacy landscape can be a daunting task. Privacy regulations, such as the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme, impose strict requirements on how organisations handle personal information. Many businesses struggle to keep up with these ever-evolving regulations and lack the in-house skills and knowledge to build effective data privacy frameworks. That’s where Data Design Consulting comes in.

The experienced Richard Harris, at the helm of this organisation, offers a range of services designed to help you understand where and how you have risk, strategies for improving your management of personal information, staff training and serving as your virtual data privacy officer. With the ever-changing data and privacy landscape, you can't afford to be left behind here. Richard offers courses for your teams and works hard to secure your organisation's best practices.  I highly encourage you to get your data and privacy in perfect order - data breaches are more common than ever. #LearnFromMedibank #LearnFromOptus


There's no denying that reels content, or let's just call it video 📹 content, is the key player in the social game. It's necessary for algorithms, but more so, it's how consumers want to consume content - short, sharp, fast and furious. Marketers know the importance of it, and yet we have to find the time to fit it all in. If you're over recording reels on a daily basis, then it's time to look at a workflow that can batch your content and make life a heck of a lot easier, allowing you creative flexibility and enabling you to scale up your content without too much effort.

This fab article from Social Media Examiner walks you through the why and how to plan out your content, batching your content creation from planning through to delivery with your smartphone - including editing and scheduling. Trust me, you'll save this one for later reference, it's super valuable.


Ke. Creative Events

Exciting News Alert! We're so happy to share our fantastic collaboration with the incredible team at Ke. Creative Events! 🌟

Ke. Creative Events, a trailblazing creative event management agency based in Melbourne, has been a powerhouse in shaping unforgettable experiences for renowned brands like CommBank, Asahi, Microsoft, Nestle, ANZ, and Bloomberg. Under the exceptional leadership of Nadia Kentera since 2006, they have continuously redefined the standards in event management, incentive programs, and virtual experiences. In their journey of growth and innovation, and their desire to evolve with the times, it was time for a brand refresh!

In our mission to revitalise Ke. Creative Events’ identity while honouring their vibrant spirit, we took the helm, weaving together every element to craft a fresh and captivating brand experience. Our mission was clear: infuse the essence of fun while preserving that signature pink flair that sets Ke. Creative Events apart.

We're thrilled to have provided a comprehensive brand refresh package, including:

🎨 2 distinctive brand designs, carefully curated for maximum impact
📜 Meticulously crafted brand guidelines and values to embody Ke. Creative Events's essence
🗣️ Defined Tone of Voice, reflecting their dynamic and engaging approach
📇 A sleek business card and letterhead to make a lasting impression
🎭 Vibrant social 'highlight' icons, representing their diverse portfolio
🖼️ Striking Facebook and LinkedIn cover graphics, capturing the essence of their innovative spirit
✉️ A personalised email signature to add that final touch of professionalism

They said:  “Our new look creative logo embodies the spirit of new beginnings, fresh ideas, and a renewed commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences… We love it”  ❤️


Optimum Experiences

We're absolutely stoked to unveil the new digital face 🌟 of Optimum Experiences. Their passion for crafting unique outdoor adventures 🥾is now vividly reflected in a sleek, professional website that we've meticulously pieced together.

Working with the Optimum crew felt more like a shared adventure than a project. Their dedication and enthusiasm made the journey as enjoyable as the destination! 🏔

The newly launched site isn't just about looks; it's a hub of rich content and information. It’s a place where communities can form and grow, bound by their love for the great outdoors. With more innovative and bespoke programs on display, it truly showcases the essence of the unique experiences they offer for Schools, Community Groups and Educators.

Every pixel of the bespoke design tells a story of adventure, beckoning visitors to explore further. We're proud to have woven their vision into a digital experience that brings the spirit of Optimum Experiences to life.

Here's to more trails, treks, and transformative journeys! 🛶


On the blog

I love the 'dark horses' 🐴 of Banter - all the extra stuff that our team does that just blows my mind. From competition hockey, to 3D modelling, it continually fascinates me what my team gets up to in their own space.

On the blog is our wonderful designer Rachel, who took her design capability to new heights by incorporating sustainable practices and support of mental health initiatives to another level. You see, she created a whole product combining these elements and it's quite a brilliant story. Rachel shares how she was able to combine 3 important aspects of her life into one audacious business. We are so proud of her and her achievements. Please support her good cause right here! Hint:  makes an awesome Xmas gift.

Less than 5 min reads for you

This section: Short reads, 👀 not just about marketing.


Google Ads Editor
Google Ads Editor's version 2.5 released 16 new features, designed to simplify the editing process, give advertisers more control and improve campaign performance.


Google's AI Handbook
While AI is transforming every industry, it can be difficult to keep track of all the latest news and resources for marketers – so we’ve collected it all for you here. This is an awesome set of resources and tools to help marketers get started.

Instagram Polls in Comments & Reels
Instagram adds polls to the comments of Feed posts and Reels as another engagement option for users (staged release, so don't panic if you don't have the functionality yet).


TikTok Hooks
What's the most effective strategy that keep your viewers “hooked” on your content? According to this research, it's: 👇

  • Six words is the ideal length of your hook.
  • ‘Negative’ promos are the most compelling (think FOMO!).
  • The grade five reading level is the most accessible and informative.
  • Be funny - people want to be entertained.
  • Lean into a narrative since listicles are oversaturated.
  • The message you deliver in the hook of your video plays the most significant role in ensuring you retain your viewer’s attention. Check out the whole report for more TikTok intel.


Switzerland and Sweden are not the same country!

Apparently, some people get them confused (because of their vaguely similar names and flags🇨🇭 🇸🇪 with crosses on them), and Sweden has released a video addressing the issue. It's a gorgeous look at the most common errors in tourism - created by a government-owned company that promotes Sweden as a tourist destination.

Sweden’s proposal includes a list of reserved topics for each country: Switzerland gets to talk about ⌚️, LSD (the drug was invented by a Swiss chemist) and 🐄, while Sweden is granted communications privileges on meatballs, moose and ice baths.

Such a great campaign, hope you love it.

Until next time xx 😊