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Acknowledgement of Country

Banter Group acknowledges the Gundungurra people as the Traditional Owners of the land on which our agency stands, and extend this 
respect to all First Nations peoples, including 
Elders past, present and emerging.

And just like that, Banter is 2️⃣years old.
The hardest part is over. Startup no longer. 🎉
Established business. Strong client base.
Quality Work. Happy Clients. Exceptional team.

We celebrated with a 🎂in my face (it’s a funny video, despite our singing!) Surprisingly, it’s a nicer experience than you’d expect, and I put that down to passionfruit pulp.

Thankful for my wonderful team who strive daily for excellence.
Grateful for our wonderful clients who reward us every day with the chance to make a difference to their business.

This is a happy 🤗life. 🥂to that!
Valentina xxx

Your Search Actions Can Plant Trees

If you’re not tied to Google as a search engine (and let’s face it, no-one loves Bing), you might just fall in love with Ecosia.

This alternative search engine uses their profits from your searches to plant 🌳🌴🌲where they’re needed most. You can even add this cool free browser extension to Chrome and plant trees with every 🔎.

Changing behaviour on the other hand, is always easier said than done. Small steps in our behaviour can change the world. Give it a go, save a 🌏, feel good. Win-Win.

Facebook’s Latest Change Affects Impressions (big big news)

📰 Facebook’s latest change may reduce your organic page Impressions (which are different to Reach). This update simply filters out repeat organic impressions that occur within a short amount of time by the same person. Whilst Facebook says it’s NOT a change in distribution, keep in mind most changes are all about maximising 💰.

➡️ Reach is the number of individual people who saw your post or ad

➡️ Impressions are the number of times your organic post or ad is shown on screen.

Impressions are good, because repeated exposure means audiences have memory recall. Too many impressions to one person though and you’ll have the ‘get out of my feed already’ response.

Facebook is making this change to make the calculation of organic impressions more aligned with how paid impressions are calculated.

But what exactly will Facebook’s version of a ‘short amount of time’ be? Their version and my version are likely very different.

Facebook is being cagey on the details too: “We are unable to provide any estimates for how this update may affect your Page, if at all. Fluctuations in impressions for Facebook Page and posts continue to be normal, as impression counts can be influenced by many factors over time.”

The way I see it, they’re reducing organic exposure again, forcing business pages into sponsored posts to make any of the exposure visible. Nothing in life is free, as they say.

We’ll keep you posted as we find out more, but if you notice a change in either of these numbers, you’ll at least know why!

Why We Don’t Outsource Overseas

There are very good reasons that Banter doesn’t outsource any work overseas ✈️.

In my 20+ years of experience, I’ve actually used many outsourcing tools internationally, to look for efficient ways of doing things and doing things differently.

I’ve crowdsourced logos, websites, flyers, invitations and brochures. I’ve also looked at third parties out of India, Pakistan, Israel, Vietnam and Thailand to build websites. This isn’t new. I’m talking 2009. You might have used Fiverr, 99 designs, Upwork or

What I learned, very quickly, is you get what you pay for.

The primary reason that we don’t outsource any of our work outside of Australia, and actually very rarely outside of the Highlands, is that I’m trying to create local jobs 🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏼.

On the blog, I’m giving you real examples of outsourcing gone wrong and how to avoid some of the pitfalls.

Pilot, Speaker, Author: Owen Zupp

When 👨‍✈️Owen approached us to create a brand for himself and produce a website, the challenge was set.
How do you incorporate a 🛫or flying into a logo without it being cheesy? This isn’t a business, this is a person. Well Tess smashed it and created this beautiful logo with reference to a propeller. We simply love it, and better still, so does Owen.

With a beautiful brand, the website was our next challenge. Owen is not only a pilot, he’s a seasoned keynote speaker and a remarkable, well-published author with 6 books under his belt 📚.

What you see here are the before and after images of his website build and his striking logo to complement the accomplishments of this talented individual.

If you’re looking for a point of difference with your next keynote speaker, Owen Zupp should definitely be on your list.

Recent chats and upcoming stuff

My Podcast: How to pair your business and marketing plans to prevent failure

As I came off stage at the recent DigiMarCon conference at ANZ Stadium last month, I was whipped into an off-the-cuff podcast with Lambros Photios from technology company Station Five, who have assisted companies like EY, ANZ, IAG and Qantas, to unlock the power of data, machine learning, and blockchain. My podcast explores the first thing you need to ask yourself before starting a business, where founders go wrong with their business plans and where the customer journey really starts. It’s my most direct and no-fluff interview to date, warts and all, it’s there for you to learn from. Hope you like it.

Looking for office space in Bowral?
If you’re looking for great office space in Bowral, I’ve decided to give up half my office, the road-facing space on Station Street. Available immediately, it offers plenty of natural light, high ceilings, a balcony, undercover parking for one car, full security system and approximately 60 square metres. I’m happy to share our private meeting room and also our kitchenette for the right tenant as well. Check out our little video of the space and come and inspect it if you’re up for it.

The Pope Goes Digital: Rosary Beads To Track Your Prayers

This is far from cool, but extremely interesting to see what marketing can achieve by using EMOTION. Creating emotion in messaging is what sparks action. Make me feel and you’ll make me respond. Simple.

The Vatican has released a $110 📿bracelet that tracks your prayers ala FitBit. Digital Modernisation of the Catholic faith.

Dressed up as “serves as a tool for learning how to pray the rosary for peace in the world. It can be worn as a bracelet and is activated by making the sign of the cross. It is synchronised with a free app of the same name, which allows access to an audio guide, exclusive images and personalised content about the praying of the Rosary.”

I was taught a very long time ago not to share opinions on politics and ⛪, so I’ll leave this right here for you to mull over. Feel free to DM me your personal opinion though!

Until next time, enjoy! 😀