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Acknowledgement of Country

Banter Group acknowledges the Gundungurra people as the Traditional Owners of the land on which our agency stands, and extend this 
respect to all First Nations peoples, including 
Elders past, present and emerging.

Freedom. We’re 🤞that we’re never in a lockdown again. 70% targets. 80% freedoms. Who knows. I hope you’ve got one heck of a party lined up when we hit both milestones. I certainly have 🍾 👯‍♂️👯‍♀️ .

As we find our way out, find our way together with our restrictions and freedoms and how on earth we’re going to manage it as a business, as a family, as a community member, our Banter value of GUIDE THE WAY is more important than it’s ever been. 🤗

We strive for excellence in our field and we want to share that knowledge and expertise willingly. We take the mystery out of marketing and make it easy for clients to understand the impact of their decisions. If we make a mistake, we take ownership. We value our contribution.

We had a client tell us about a previous agency relationship, for their social media management. When the client asked for an explanation of their working, the agency had told them: “I have to be honest and say that we are not in the business of teaching clients what we do.”

And you know why? They were buying useless social followers that were never going to be the right customer. They had something to hide. That’s not us, not by a long shot.

No-one needs that crap in their life.


Valentina xxx

iOS 15 Update changes email marketing forever

There’s a significant change that’s about to happen in the channel of email, thanks to an Apple update with iOS 15. If you are a marketer using 📧 email marketing, and I hope you are, it’s the highest return on investment channel in digital and has been for 10 years, then this will affect you.

The iOS 15 update is marking all email as opened before it’s actually been clicked on by the customer to open it. When users update their iOS 15 technology, they’re going to be given an option to turn off email tracking and that’s going to automatically show email is opened.

If you notice a huge jump in email marketing performance overnight, this is likely the biggest cause.

It means you can’t rely on your open rate metrics any longer as a core measure of success. What can you do instead? Watch my short video that tells you. 📹

If you fancy a more techie read, this blog from Omnisend makes it easy to follow.

Insta features & functions you can’t swipe by

Insta’s on a warpath with user interface functions and features as the competition against TikTok continues to rise. With video consumption satisfying appetites around the globe, Insta’s pushing for users to engage with Reels as much as possible.

First, the trial of a “Montage” option, enabling users to convert Insta Stories into short Reel video clips, splicing together your Stories frames into a Reels clip. Once your frames are in sequence, you’ll enable Instagram to automatically formulate a video combining elements of each frame.

Second, the trial of the “Re-Share Sticker, which will enable people to re-share recently viewed feed posts via a new, dedicated sharing format, as opposed to simply re-pasting the entire feed post into a Stories frame. Ultimately it’s about allowing users to add their own creativity when sharing content.

Third, and a very exciting change, is the new 🗺️ Map Search feature, featuring popular tagged locations around users. It’s being launched in select markets, including Australia and New Zealand, and can be accessed by a new icon on Instagram’s Explore page. Once nearby places are shown on the map, users can then filter them by categories such as restaurants and beauty salons. Results for Map Search will also be displayed when users search for certain hashtags, such as #takeaway. How good is that for small businesses! 👏

Finding a way out with RSM Options

We know it, businesses are hurting. Many are hurting more than they’ll be able to admit – to themselves, to their families, to their employees. 💔

We’ve been working with global professional advisory firm, RSM Australia to develop this raw and authentic campaign to bring difficult financial conversations forward for business owners and company directors.

There ARE options, but you have to start a conversation to find the right solutions for your situation. There are things beyond your control. How do you talk to your staff? Who walks alongside you to help you?

It’s not often you’ll find such an honest case study of bankruptcy and the true impact on individuals and companies – but also the positive outcome that followed through in this story.

Watch the videoAsk RSM for help. Don’t struggle with your financial 💵 burden alone.

Whole Food Institute: a new brand and website

Have you ever wondered what a 🍃 Whole Food Plant-Based (WFPB) 🍃 food lifestyle actually is?!

Highlands local and lifestyle medicine advocate, Gerald Haslinger has created the Whole Food Institute (WFI), embracing a lifestyle medicine approach to healthcare. Banter’s role was to bring this new business venture to fruition with the design of the branding and build of the easy-to-use website. Next cab off the rank – developing the event strategy!

Event you say? WFI has launched a 5-night retreat in January, giving you a taste of what it’s like to live a WFPB food lifestyle. Over-indulged in lockdown and need a new way of living? What you’ll get:

✅ all meals, with a dedicated chef
✅ cooking demos for you to take the skills home
✅ one-on-one nutritional support
✅ counselling & support groups
✅ tips on relaxation & stress management
✅ gentle exercise sessions & daily learnings on WFPB
Explore the benefits of re-evaluating your relationship with food 🍎 through the informative website, and book your spot on the retreat – places are strictly limited to maximise the experience.

The best 5 min reads for you

This section: Short reads, not just about marketing.
ICYMI: Read my quick blog all about the most recent Facebook defamation High Court ruling that a lot of people have been asking about. It’s been reported on by the 🗞️ mainstream press 🗞️ and it impacts every single page owner of a Facebook Page. You can read the blog or listen to 2 mins of me on video to get the low-down.

WFH: 👩‍💻 The final stretch before kids get back to school and we’re all outta ideas on how to make this remote thing work. Hear from a range of business owners on what they do (including me) to find a little sanity in the not-able-to-juggle-two-full-time-jobs-remotely challenge.
How people behave: It’s a huge part of making digital marketing tactics deliver on their investment. Many businesses spend on Google search, but do you stop to think of how a customer BEHAVES first? This sit-down-with-a-coffee ☕ report from Google are the results of an effectiveness study of Google Search ads. Here’s a little insight into what you might find in there:

When shoppers in our study were searching for moisturisers, we introduced their second favourite brand into the Search results and it immediately captured 31% of ad clicks, despite ranking third on the page and appearing below their favourite brand.

Takeaway: You don’t have to appear at the top of the page to be considered — just being present can make a difference.

Love to draw?: Google’s new IA experiment is a web-based drawing tool call AutoDraw. You scribble and doodle, and the tool turns these into symmetrical icons that you can download. It even offers you suggestions (perhaps if your unicorn looks more like a donkey). Try it out! 👩‍🎨🎨

Laughter is the best medicine

Personally, I haven’t been great this last month. I realised as a collaborative workplace, being remote truly sucks. 👎👎 It’s worse than just crap, it’s fundamentally against how we operate as a business. I also realised how much ❤️ I have for the whole Banter team because we genuinely have a good time together. A typical day sees me in stitches between 50-60 times. So I’ll end with this. 3:56 mins of pure hilarity. 😂

Catch you next time 😃