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Acknowledgement of Country

Banter Group acknowledges the Gundungurra people as the Traditional Owners of the land on which our agency stands, and extend this 
respect to all First Nations peoples, including 
Elders past, present and emerging.

I've just returned from 3 glorious weeks ☀️ on holiday, back to the UK for the whole family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 to be together. It was a remarkable personal journey too, as my dysfunctional AUS family is completely different to the beautiful family we have in the UK (I can thank my husband for that). It's never too late to really face your reality and embrace change, is it?

Change is growth. Every day we are preparing for the next round of changes in life, and marketing throws out those curve balls faster than a 🎾 machine. This time, I feel more ready than ever; and by ready I mean more resilient, less emotional and super-charged.

It's just what's needed in the fast-tracked end-of-year push, and I'm excited. Banter's structural changes are now set in place and the freshness in the air is terrific.  How soon is now? It's this very waking second.

Valentina xxx


ChatGPT x Canva Plugin

If designers and copywriters weren't scared 🫣 of ChatGPT before, this might send a few over the edge.  RELAX. Tongue in cheek of course!

With every new application comes all the limitations, and if we've learned something from ChatGPT, the limitations adapt pretty fast. There are plenty of uses for ChatGPT, mostly for generating ideas that can be refined - which in old skool days was called "crowdsourcing". We're just crowdsourcing with the bots now - and it's happening in a fraction of a second.  If you want an automated social profile, this might be the right solution for you. Automated doesn't really translate into authentic, but if you can grab 50% of your always-on content from a 🤖 and it's not that bad, it's worth a look.


Teach ChatGPT about your business

With all the chat hype out there, it's hard to work out the best way to use AI to help your marketing. One the easiest and fastest ways to get 💩 done by the bots, is by teaching the tools. Yep, the more the tool knows about you, the better the outcomes are going to be from the prompts you put in.

Here's your top tip today from Social Media Examiner - give yourself 45 mins to set up the basics, and you're on your way.

Begin a new thread where you share the following prompt with ChatGPT, filling in your own details:

My name is:

  • Here's a little bit about me:
  • My business name is:
  • My website address is:
  • My business is about:
  • My ideal target audience is:
  • Please retain all that information I shared with you today to refer to later, okay?

This will begin a reference document you can prompt ChatGPT to use later to give you results that are specific to your brand.


Evrima Technologies

One of our large projects of the year is finally out in the world and we're excited to show you what we've done with Evrima Technologies. Their vision is to help make medical research breakthroughs happen by expediting and enabling a better clinical trial process - for everybody.

With patient-centred, tech-empowered clinical trial recruitment solutions, Evrima is well-positioned to efficiently and accurately connect a diverse range of trial participants, researchers and clinicians through a suite of purpose-built products and services to deliver an optimum clinical trial recruitment and management experience.

Banter was engaged in developing Evrima's vision creatively, commencing with a complete brand strategy and visual identity - not just for the Evrima Masterbrand, but for the 3 products and service sub-brands:

➡ Evriquest: Clinical trial recruitment services
➡ Evrilink: Tech-enabled clinical trial hub
➡ Evripath: Clinician trial search tool

We started with naming the products, ensuring brand consistency and a formula allowing ongoing innovations in products and services.

From there, we redesigned the Masterbrand, and created the visual identities of each sub-brand. The entire brand strategy - tone of voice, key messages and statements, colours, typography, image style - the whole shebang, was delivered. Of course, the next step is imaging this brand in its digital space and we designed, wrote all the copy text, and built the website. It's beautiful isn't it? Not only from the outside, but also from the inside, with extensive integrations ensuring a seamless backend and CRM approach.

This is such a rewarding project for the team and we're excited for Evrima to take their brand confidence out to market with a smile.


60-year celebrations for BDCU

It’s with pride and excitement that we get to share our collaboration with our local client, BDCU The Collective Impact, to celebrate their diamond 60-year anniversary 💎

A significant milestone for this locally member-owned mutual bank, the celebration deserved a commendable ode to the past, present and future. The BDCU The Collective Impact team engaged us to create the 60-year branding elements, event invitations, facilitate interviews of key stakeholders within the business over the last 6 decades, which was developed into a timeless video piece, telling the brand history of this long-established business.

We loved being able to creatively develop all of these project components to facilitate the celebration of this local business. A business that continues to give back to its local community, no one knows community like BDCU The Collective Impact. Congratulations! 🎊🥂 🍾


Less than 5 min reads for you

This section: Short reads, 👀 not just about marketing.


On the blog: Melanie, our Producer is sharing her Guide to Boosting Your Website's Performance!

SEO is a constant in our digital sphere, and it's not a one-size-fits-all approach. Melanie simplifies some of the most common tasks in SEO, making them more achievable for businesses. If you learn and implement just one thing, you're one step closer to improving how search engines find you, and rank you against a customer's search needs.


Beautiful and FREE icons

Who doesn't love a free library of assets? I don't even know you. Here you go: 13,000 illustrations from a tonne of subject areas, ready for download.

Little Alchemy 2: A wonderful time-waster (or educator)
If you need a little brain break 🧠, this is a little fun. Or, you could use it with your kids and see what happens! Little Alchemy 2 is a little browser game 👨‍💻 that explores the four elements: air, earth, fire, and water. Your task: combine them to create something new. Hint: Water and Earth = Mud. What can you create?


Build a newsletter community

I love that you're subscribed to Banter's newsletter, but do you have one for your own biz? I can't rant enough about the effectiveness of a) owning your own data, and b) building a sticky community of contacts that consume your content way deeper via 📧 compared to other channels like social. If you're ready to up your newsletter game, or if you're just beginning, here's a nice reminder of the quickest tips and steps to take.


Something cool

Fascinating outdoor installations aren't exactly new, Tokyo and Times Square have had this stitched up for some time. What has caught my attention is the impressive transparent LED adhesive film that can be applied to shop fronts - completely changing the signage game.  The product is a thin and clear film that can be applied directly to a glass surface. The film's transparency also means that it can be used in environments where natural light is important, such as museums.

The applications are wonderful! Many a retailer has used these, and it's truly inspiring to see what can be created.

Catch you next time 😊