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Newsletter September 2023

By Valentina Borbone

Finding Strength

I'm navigating change and finding strength every day πŸ’ͺ. With each twist and turn, we're embracing new growth opportunities and refining our path forward.

In the dynamic world of marketing, adaptation is the key to success. Our team has been hard at work, maneuvering through recent structural changes that come with our growth 🌳. Just as businesses evolve, so do we. We're iterating, much like the agile strategies we recommend. 

Staying ahead requires continuous learning. Just as we adapt how we work, so must businesses evolve their approaches to marketing. Stagnation is the enemy of progress, and we're committed to keeping your brand fresh and relevant πŸš€.

While the road may be winding, know that we're journeying alongside you. We're here for you πŸ‘‹.

Valentina xxx

Things you need to know

Neil Patels top trends of 2023

Fast-surging trends in paid media

Are you staying ahead of the paid media trends? NP Digital's latest report shares the fast-surging trends in paid media this year. Industry experts and marketing professionals are predicting the standout tactics and approaches paid marketers will embrace in the coming months. Standout trends and findings in the report: 

βœ… 58% of marketers express strong interest in using paid ads for chat-based search tools. 
βœ… 78% of marketers that have used AI for copy or creative πŸ€– optimisation in the last 3 months agree that the time and money invested was worth it. 
βœ… The data also shows the use of GA4 audience insights to inform paid campaigns.  

From leaning more on first-party data to targeting consumers with expanded audiences, the report offers plenty of ways to change up your marketing tactics for greater results. 

Social media

Social media

A couple of Insta features you wanna know about

There are a few Insta bits worth noting this month

❢ The collaboration 🀝 feature has seen a recent update, now allowing up to four people to collaborate on the same post. The feature still functions the same, and allows users to engage and utilise each other's existing audiences. You can now invite up to three friends to co-author a feed post, carousel or reel. Once they accept, the content will reach each collaborator’s audience and appear on each account’s profile grid. 

❷ Finally, they've expanded the music 🎢 feature to carousel posts. What took them so long?

Banter Boast

Conservatory at Briars

The Conservatory at Briars

Picture this: a fairytale wedding πŸ’’ , a milestone celebration, or even a professional conference set in a venue as special as the occasion itself. The Conservatory at Briars offers a picturesque 🏞 setting for not only romantic events but also corporate gatherings.

They came to Banter seeking a website that would reflect the elegance and versatility of their venue. The challenge? Standing out in a crowded market while also offering a user-friendly experience for those planning everything from nuptials to networking events.

With a newly minted website showcasing the venue's beauty and flexible spaces, plus user-friendly navigation and responsive design, we've got them covered. A healthy dose of best-practice search engine optimisation (SEO) ensures they're easily discoverable for those on the hunt for an extraordinary venue. 


The success of our Client Poole Advisory

Our success is that of our clients

🌟 We're bursting with pride to share that our wonderful client Anthony Poole has soared to new heights by securing a nomination for the prestigious 50 Most Influential Financial Advisers in Australia! πŸŽ‰πŸ‘
Voting is now closed, and we'll keep you posted on the results. 

"I absolutely love what I do - helping my clients put their best financial foot forward for wealth-building and stability. It's an honour to be recognised amongst my peers for this award," says Anthony.

Good luck Anthony!

Quick reads

Lights, camera, action: Mastering the Art of Shooting Digital Videos

Less than 5 min reads for you

This section: Short reads, πŸ‘€ not just about marketing. 


On the blog: Get stuck into smartphone video production with Talia

Dive into the exciting world of video content πŸŽ₯- which can be a fun way to tell your story - whether it’s about your business, your product or even your own personal brand.

A great video that grabs your audience’s attention has a few key elements. Our Senior Producer, Talia shares her top tips for video content success.


Put yourself in their shoes: Empathy Prompts

Empathy Prompts is a collection of prompts that give you a better idea of how different users’ needs are.  Prompts like these can help build empathy with users who experience the web differently than you might. They offer a simple yet effective way to raise awareness for accessibility πŸ‘“ and inclusive design. 

Is AI racist?

I'll let you decide for yourself. I'd be interested in your response.


ICYMI: Insta improves reel template options

Insta's helping users create better reels, by making it easier to discover and use templates based on high-performing short-form clips.

Amongst the changes, 🎞 Insta’s launched a new and improved Template Browser process, which will enable users to search Reels templates in different categories, organised by ‘Recommended’, ‘Trending’, and those that you’ve previously saved. Check out all the features.

Something Cool

Mens Undie attention for the win

Men's undies for the attention-win

Father's Day prompted a host of socks 🧦 & jocks 🩲 conversations in my world, so I'm running with the theme. It's quite a sizeable market - the Night & Underwear segment in Australia is projected to grow by 1.26% (2023-2027) resulting in a market volume of US$196.40m in 2027. Sure, Bonds have done a sterling job in the past, Vanta went straight for the Kanga Pouch for the 'joeys' #comfortdownunder, there's Step One currently on the Barbie train, Calvin's for your 'lucky' pants and Tradie, to name a few. Amongst all the competition though, I couldn't ignore the clever association of Bonds Total Package with the Below Deck TV series πŸ›₯. It's brilliantly bad train-wreck TV but coupled with Bonds copywriting and the characters, this is genius. There's a whole series for the Total Package to enjoy.

Catch you next time πŸ˜ƒ

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