School Work Experience at Banter

School Work Experience at Banter

By Jade Bell

Hey, my name is Jade Bell, I go to school in a small town called Picton and I’m a little past halfway through Year 10. The past few years, my future has been so unsure. I had so many ideas in my head about what I could do but none of them really stood out. This year, I started taking some career pathways tests and marketing and advertising started to show up in my potential career options. From this I developed a certain interest industry.

As I’m currently in Year 10, I’ve had the opportunity to do a week of work experience. I chose to do it at Banter Group in Bowral. Banter Group is a marketing agency which deals with every field of marketing, and so far my experience has been amazing.

Banter Group School Work Experience

I stepped in with a mind overcrowded with thoughts and ideas, now most of my thoughts are organised, some still unsure, but one thing I have decided, I want to get into this industry.

One of the first things I did was tag along with Fran (Creative Director) and Talia (Producer/Account Manager) to one of the oldest pubs in australia, The Surveyor General Inn at Berrima. This meeting was low key compared to the other kinds of meetings that could happen in the industry, but it was interesting to see how they presented a new idea to this customer. Some clients might need a formal meeting, and it was good to see how the team adapted to a meeting in a pub. I think I would be good at that, going out to meet people and help them better their business with a new idea, I call myself a people person, I like to interact with others and I would love it to be a part of my future career.

I have also been putting together images for a social media feed, I wrote a competitive review about co-working spaces in Sydney, and I’ve putting together my own social post about the team at Banter and what they did for work experience (check it out!) I’ve had a taste of multiple different areas of the industry and I have loved them all, but I must say that creating the social post was my favourite task. I have also really enjoyed my lunch breaks, I took a stroll down some of the streets in Bowral which gave me a sense of maturity.

My week at Banter Group has been a real eye opener, and has flared a passion for this industry, this is what my future could look like. I feel motivated to learn more things and look into what pathways I can take to better my future. If you’re feeling uneasy about what you want to do in your future, just try something! You’ll love it or you’ll hate it, either way you’ll come out with something you are interested in, or something you can completely forget about.

Jade Bell

Jade Bell

Junior Producer

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Jade’s Banter life started as a year 10 work experience student - and she loved it so much we couldn’t keep her away! Jade has decided this is the industry for her, and she now works a solid three days a week in the office as well as studying a Bachelor of Communications & Media. We love to see it.