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As one of the most popular social media platforms today Instagram already has a lot of reach. However, they keep updating the platform with new options and features which can take you even further.

Though there are many places where you can buy real Instagram followers, we are going to take a look through some of the options you can use on your own, so you can see how you might best use these new features to promote your business, get engagement, and increase reach.

Start Posting Instagram Stories

Everyone gets taken in by a good story especially if it is engaging, interesting and compelling. This is where the Stories feature can be extremely effective. It can also be a great tool to create awareness regarding a topic or to show off your brand voice so people get to know your company values and core traits.

The better your story, the more viral it can be. Make it interesting, make it honest and get creative with how you write it. The greater your story, the more reach you can accomplish.

Promote Your Products with Instagram Shopping

If your company sells any kind of product then you can make great use of the shopping feature. Just like many online stores you can set your product image, product description and prices for the entire Instagram community to see.

This feature also provides a safer way of buying without having to go to any other website. It can all be done from the app. The shopping section also includes an ad option where you can increase your reach further by promoting your products and boosting your visibility.

Instagram shopping allows you to write a good amount regarding your products, have customers message you directly if they have questions, and it can show them all the other products that you have in the shop.

This is yet another tool you can use to draw in customers, reach new people and sell more products.

Save Your Instagram Live Posts

Whenever you go live on Instagram it shows people who you are, what you do and what you are like. It gives a personal touch where people can feel more connected to your brand. However, not everyone is available during your live streaming.

Everyone has a different schedule and different availability. This is why you should save your Instagram live posts so that even if they miss it, they can still go and watch it to get the most from it. It is the equivalent of recording a TV show so your friends can watch it later.

People also like following accounts that have regular content updates. By posting your live video, you can add to the content through which your followers can browse.

Host Some Instagram Contests

Contest can be really good fun and it is a fantastic way for you to really engage with your audience so they can get a glimpse of your brand qualities and personality. Additionally, you can come up with hashtags that highlight your contest and get it known to a lot more people and you can use Reels to promote the contest.

A great way to build excitement and participation is to give a good prize at the end. These kinds of contest giveaways get everyone sharing it with their friends and commenting to compete and try to win the prize at the end. Try to make the contest relevant to your business and if possible, it should highlight something great that your company does so that it builds publicity.

However, do not attempt to just constantly spam people with contests. You need to have a good break in between or they won’t seem worthwhile or special in any way. Plus, by having a gap between contests it allows you to see how many more followers it gets you and it leaves them wanting more.


Whether you are hosting a contest, saving live posts, promoting your products via the Instagram store or posting an Instagram story, you can greatly increase your reach by using Instagram’s latest features.

Every person is different and enjoys browsing through different features so make sure that you use all of these helpful tools to the full so that you can reach every possible client within your reach. Additionally, Instagram is likely to continue bringing out more features as time goes on, so stay tuned and stay current, so that you can keep up to date with all that Instagram has to offer.