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Why PPC Is Here To Stay

By Josh Wardini, Guest Author

Digital marketing strategies come and go just as fast as the trends we see in traditional marketing. However, if there’s one strategy that will not become obsolete, it has to be PPC or pay-per-click advertising. This is one of the earliest forms of digital marketing, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less effective than other marketing channels.

PPC is also one of the simplest forms of digital marketing. It’s simple, effective, and is a part of nearly every internet user’s life through the use of search engines.

Why PPC is here to stay

One of the factors that make PPC advertising effective is that people are innately curious and are easily drawn by products or services that they think they may need in the future. PPC ads are eye-catching and prioritised, many people are likely going to click on it if they think what’s being advertised is something that could be beneficial for them.

People hate ads, as they have always. However, as people are growing more accustomed to seeing ads online, they are becoming more tolerant and receptive of it. So long as companies avoid creating pop-up ads, they’ll be able to launch a successful PPC marketing campaign that caters to the needs of their customers.

At its very core, PPC advertising is about being knowledgeable and insightful on the current trends in marketing. It’s not as simple as placing ads on a website. Marketers need to understand various factors such as what size should the ads be, where it should be placed, and just how many ads are tolerable for the taste of consumers.

As PPC is still one of the top practices used by websites and companies online, it’s vital for you to know the numbers and figures that make the industry work. We’ve found the perfect place where you can see the most impactful and eye-opening PPC statistics. Hopefully, these will help you see the value in this digital marketing tactic.

Josh Wardini, Guest Author

Josh Wardini, Guest Author


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