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Newsletter January 2021

By Valentina Borbone

Howdy! So how did that digital detox go? With all the ⛈️ and ☀️we had, I hope you didn’t spend too much time flicking through feeds, but rather embraced the good ‘ol board game and your SPF 50.

It was only 10 days away from the grind, but boy they were an amazing 10 days, over in the blink of an eye. Refreshed, rejuvenated, ready to go, Banter is back in action at the speed of ⚡.

We’ve been taking a little time to address an internal project: Banter Brand 2.0. At 3 years old, it was time to take a look at who we are as a creative brand. You might start noticing a few subtle changes 😮, starting with this eDM template design, new & improved 🎨 brand elements, and addressing Dark Mode for all those black-screened fans. Keep your eyes peeled, there’s more brand greatness to come!

Cheers to you for a hugely successful and whatever-happens-we’ve-got-your-back new year. 😀

Valentina xxx

Banter Group Newsletter

Banter Group Newsletter

Apple’s iOS 14 gives targeting control to users

Apple’s roll-out of iOS 14 includes a prompt where iPhone/iPad users can now choose to opt-out of tracking. This move is set to disrupt Facebook Ads targeting and accurate conversion tracking.

An “IDFA” (Identifier for Advertisers) is a unique identifier for mobile devices and is used to target and measure the effectiveness of advertising on a user level across mobile devices.

Currently, about 70% of iOS users share their IDFA with app publishers. After the iOS 14 change, where users see a pop-up notification inviting them to opt-in or out of tracking, it’s estimated that this number will drop to 10% to 15%.

To help advertisers, you can start by verifying your domain with Facebook to ensure your pixel data is as seamless as possible.

In August 2020, iOS held a 52.84% share of the mobile operating system market in Australia. By comparison Samsung, the leading Android device manufacturer, had a share of just over 20%.

If you notice a significant change in your targeted campaign results, consider the impact of this change for your marketing and how you might encourage your users to opt-in for targeting.

Banter Group Newsletter

Banter Group Facebook Update

Facebook’s Page Likes replaced by Followers only

In more Facebook News, you’ll start to notice that Page LIKES will disappear and Pages will only have FOLLOWERS. A follower is much more likely to see your content in their feed.

Switching to the New Pages Experience is optional (for now), and is only available to some pages, so far. By switching, you’ll soon find a few changes, such as:

  • redesigned layout that’s simpler
  • dedicated News Feed (a new feed “to discover and join conversations, follow trends, interact with peers and engage with fans”)
  • Easy navigation between personal profile and Pages
  • Updated admin controls for full control or partial access

There are two things you can do straight away to maximise your changes of maintaining your engagement, including:
1. encouraging your followers to enable notifications for your Page posts (especially Live video’; and
2. and to add your Page to their Favorites (formerly ‘See First.’)

Banter Group Newsletter

Banter Group Virosol Disinfectant Spray

Covid 19-killing surface spray and always get a better deal

We have two amazing client stories to tell which will change your year.

Virosol is a Covid 19-killing surface spray, made by local Sophie Westlake. Sophie’s husband’s auto-immune disease meant her search for a suitable product turned up nothing. She then used her science 🦠 background to produce Virosol, now stocked with major retailers 🛒. We worked with Sophie to launch her social media presence, including sponsored media and the research, engagement and management of influencer campaigns across Facebook and Instagram. We are so happy for Sophie and her success with a product that was based on sound research and meeting a real need for the rest of the world. Buy your Virosol online today.

GetReminded in an Aussie app that sends free reminders when important stuff expires. Users set up important milestones for renewing contracts and documents. You have your best buying power at renewal time, and GetReminded is there to prompt you to search for a better deal and save 💸. We’ve been working with GetReminded for the last few months, creating their social strategy and management of their social profiles (sponsored ads, organic ads and community engagement 😀), as well as content development. Download the app now and put some cash back in your pocket.

Banter Group Newsletter

Banter Group Quick Reads

The best 5 min reads for you

I’ve come across so much amazing information for business owners that I created this section to help businesses with short reads, not just about marketing. If you only click on one section of this newsletter, this should be it.

The federally-funded Strengthening Business Programme aims to build resilience by looking holistically at businesses in bushfire affected areas and connecting 🔗 them to appropriate resources. It’s FREE and they help you set up your roadmap for the next 3, 6 and 12 months. It’s like having a caseworker for your business, to guide you in the right direction, make recommendations 👉 for services you might need, and help identify 🔍 grants that you might be able to utilise to get your biz back into good shape. For our Highlands region, your contact is Annabel and she’s fabulous –

Don’t under-estimate how many mobile users have switched to Dark Mode on their email accounts! Many social users made the switch years ago, and now email marketing is catching up. Have you looked at your eDM campaigns 📧 in Dark Mode? You might notice 🔦 you need some design work done to make this work properly. Give us a call if you find yourself in that boat and we can give you a hand.

If you’re looking for a new website enquiry bot 💬 and built-in CRM, we’ve found a gem for you. I’ve personally checked out EnquiryBot, an all-in-one tool to help increase & manage sales enquiries 📞 from your website. It’s intuitive, integrated as a full CRM, easy to use and affordable. I encourage you to set up a demo and check it out. Hit me up with your questions.

Banter Group Newsletter

Banter Group Designer

Designer Toilet Roll Holders

With all the panic-buying of toilet paper 🧻 throughout 2020, it only makes sense that there’s a focus from the creative community on how to display the priority-paper in your life.

These designer creations reimagine the humble holder, and would add a little humour and design to your home. Got a favourite?

I sure do, the design from Theo Martins, it’s a good base but I’d made it more a functional rolling display. Love it.

Catch you next time 😀

Banter Group Newsletter

Valentina Borbone

Valentina Borbone

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Valentina Borbone, Banter Group CEO, is a leading expert in the social media industry. She is an advisor for The International Social Media Association and runs training courses for small and large businesses. Want one of the best in the business on your side?